Summer Academy in Poland Affirms a Return to Order

Summer Academy in Poland Affirms a Return to OrderAlthough the book, Return to Order: From a Frenzied Economy to an Organic Christian Society, was written with the American public in mind, its principles and concepts apply to the modern world in general.If there was an ideal place where the book’s universal appeal could be tested, it could be found at the 2013 International Student Summer Academy held at the Niepolomice Castle in Poland from July 27-31.Indeed, the conference took as its principle theme “Return to Order.” Delegations came from everywhere – Germany, Italy, France, Spain, Poland, Estonia, Holland, Belgium, Croatia, Brazil, the United States and other countries. The event was magnificently prepared and hosted by the Polish TFP organization.The stage was thus set for a week of intense discussion of Return to Order concepts.

The central idea of frenetic intemperance, for example, resonated well with so many present since each participant could identify examples of reckless economic activity in his own country. In the case of the Europeans, many cited excessive regulation and control exercised by the European Union as part of their experience of frenetic intemperance.In a similar way, Europe is still full of monuments and traditions that call to mind the organic Christian society that is proposed as a solution in Return to Order. The site of the Summer Academy itself reflected Christian culture since it was held in the well-restored medieval Neopolomice Castle, while daily Mass was celebrated at the magnificent royal chapel nearby.

Mr. John Horvat speaks about frenetic intemperance and the principles and concepts proposed as a solution in Return to Order.

Mr. John Horvat speaks about frenetic intemperance and the principles and concepts proposed as a solution in Return to Order.

On numerous occasions, participants enjoyed a great variety of traditional Polish cuisine, music and culture. Mathias von Gersdorff from the German TFP discussed the new depths of depravity found in Satanic rock music which is ablaze with intense hatred for the Church and all things Christian.

Moreover, the students themselves brought with them expression of their own Christian culture in the form of local manners of dress, expressions and student songs. In addition, the topics of the meetings dealt with a discussion of how an organic Christian society entailed not a return to a historic past but a restoration of the Christian principles that gave birth to this civilization.

Of course, the Summer Academy was not limited to Return to Order themes. Several expositions dealt with applying the principles of Revolution and Counter-revolution by Plinio Corrêa de Oliveira to present times.

In this respect, there were talks on the developments of the Revolution in the line of the cultural developments found in music, arts and customs. There were also updates on the activities of the Counter-revolution especially those promoted by the TFPs and other organizations. Especially noteworthy were those involving the traditional marriage debate in France, Estonia and Croatia and the abortion issue in Ireland.

The Summer Academy was blessed by the presence of the International Pilgrim Virgin Statue who presided over the meetings. Special attention was devoted to the spiritual aspect of the Counter-revolutionary fight which is based on an intense spiritual life with a strong emphasis on the Rosary, Holy Communion and other devotions.

The site of the Summer Academy reflected the culture of an organic Christian society proposed in Return to Order.

The site of the Summer Academy reflected the culture of an organic Christian society proposed in Return to Order.

Truly, the Church is a mother that unites all. This could be sensed at the Summer Academy in the fact that students came from many nations, spoke different languages and came from different backgrounds. Despite such differences, there was an impressive unity and camaraderie that permeated the atmosphere.

Each retained his own distinctive identity yet sensed himself part of an impressive unity that enriched not absorbed the person. Spaniards and French, Croatians and Americans, Flemish and Polish, all united in their resolve to defend Holy Mother Church. Indeed, the final banquet highlighted this unity as the Summer Academy came to a close. The closing lecture of Duke Paul of Oldenberg titled “The Two Standards” dealt with the need to unite around the standard of the Church against that of the Gnostic and egalitarian Revolution.

As participants prepared to return to their native lands, one could sense something of great promise in the air. The myth that all young people support the worn out liberal agenda was destroyed by the contagious enthusiasm of those present. Quite the contrary, many of the participants proudly, and loudly, proclaimed: The future belongs to the Counter-revolution! We need a Return to Christian Order!

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