Student Newspaper Lampoons the Virgin Mary, TFP Protests

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The Blessed Mother is grossly insulted by the University of Virginia’s student newspaper, The Cavalier Daily, which printed a Nativity-like cartoon of Our Lady holding the Infant Jesus beside Saint Joseph on August 24.

The figure depicting Saint Joseph says: “Mary…I don’t mean to ruin this special moment, but how did you get that bumpy rash?” suggesting a sexually transmitted disease. To which a Mary-figure says, “I swear, it was Immaculately Transmitted.”

This is outrageous public blasphemy!

On August 23, the same student newspaper mocked Our Lord by portraying a Christ-like figure crucified on a mathematical graph with the inscription, “Christ on a Cartesian Coordinate Plane.”
According to, the editor-in-chief of The Cavalier Daily is quoted as saying: “Under our newspaper’s policies, satire of religion, or any other belief or creed, is acceptable.” However, a year ago, the newspaper issued an official apology after printing something that irritated pro-homosexuals. “…The Cavalier Daily regrets printing this comic and deeply apologizes to those who were offended,” the apology reads.At press time, The Cavalier Daily has refused to issue an apology to Catholics.

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