Saint Augustine for the Fragmented

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Saint Augustine for the Fragmented
Saint Augustine for the Fragmented

If you suffer from the postmodern fragmentation of the mind, here is a solution for you. It is for all those who feel a bit like a mental Humpty Dumpty, scattered in a thousand directions at the same time. These days, attention spans are only ten times longer than the average television scene change (six seconds). And we think we are experts on some complicated issue after listening to a whole two minute of “in-depth analysis.”

However, we have problems in our lives that are not resolved in a minute or two. They require deep, intense thought, and above all, help from great minds.

What do we do to resolve these problems? We look for advice. We talk, listen, and read. We ask: How do other people solve problems of this magnitude? What insights do they offer?

Enter Saint Augustine, one of the greatest minds ever to put pen to paper. I tried to read his Confessions twice. Each time I failed, due to the problems mentioned above.

Then a friend lent me the ten tapes of the abridged Confessions before a long road trip. Produced by St. Joseph’s Communications and narrated by Al Covia, the tapes are spectacular.

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I never heard Al Covia read before, but his reading of Saint Augustine attracts you. His inflection, tone, and especially his capacity to impart a sense of wonder, absorb you. You almost feel like you are there in the room, late on a hot North African night, watching Saint Augustine as he writes, then thinks, then looks a bit at the stars, then writes again. Are those tears in his eyes? No, the tears are in your eyes.

That’s right, get ready to cry with this one. You’ll be sorting through some of your deepest emotions and most complicated problems. With the insights of Saint Augustine, you’ll be finding yourself turning off the tape player to sort out some of the concerns that have troubled you most.

Thank you Mr. Covia, you helped Saint Augustine put postmodern Humpty Dumptys back together again.


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The Confessions of St. Augustine
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