Speaking about Fatima and the Immaculate Conception In Miami

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How You Can Face Evil by Drawing from the Fatima Message“The Feast of the Immaculate Conception could not be a better date to discuss the Fatima Message and its application for our days.”

This was the message of a special December 8 talk titled “How You Can Face Evil by Drawing from the Fatima Message.” Friends and supporters of the TFP and its America Needs Fatima campaign from the Miami-Fort Lauderdale area gathered together for a rosary and talk by TFP Director John Horvat.

Mr. Horvat stressed how the Fatima message goes beyond just prayer and penance and asks Catholics to confront the iniquities of the day – be it abortion, immoral fashions, blasphemy or so many other evils.

Secondly, the Fatima message calls on Catholics to develop an incompatibility with sin. This includes uniting together with others to stigmatize evil and honor those who work for virtue and good.

Finally, Mr. Horvat pointed out that the primary reason Catholics must oppose the evils of the day is not only because the sin itself is evil but especially because God is offended. Abortion kills babies, for example, but above all it is a heinous sin against God and His plan for humanity.

The Blessed Mother was conceived without Original Sin but nevertheless confronted sin and the evils of her day and thus she serves as a model for today’s Catholics.

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