Sodom and Gomorrah’s Totalitarian Ideology

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One of the best methods to track the evolution of the disruptive process destroying what remains of our Christian civilization, and–wherever possible–the same order created and desired by God, is to analyze the messages conveyed by certain advertisements, particularly those of a less commercial and more ideological nature.

Advertising and Homosexual Ideology

One could cite dozens of examples from the last few years, ranging from–just to name a few–those by the award-winning Benetton/Oliviero Toscani Company to those by Ikea (which I have already commented upon recently), which were open to all “family types” (depicting two young men hand in hand).

A short time after that masterpiece by the Swedish multinational (which, in spite of its subversive folly, in principle could still claim, though hypocritically, some commercial logic), another gay advertising campaign invaded Rome. This one featured huge billboards and public transportation ads. This campaign followed the “success” of the “gay pride” March and celebrates the tenth anniversary of the “Gay Village,” a common summer haunt for homosexuals regularly funded by the City of Rome when the mayor was “me-too” Veltroni, and also now with the Catholic but homosexual sympathizing mayor Alemanno (a committed sponsor of the recent “gay pride” event).

Subreptious Homosexual Message

This time the advertising had nothing to do with business but was strictly ideological. What is the meaning of this campaign? Why is it worth talking about in an article? I will try to explain it right away in just a few words to the best of my ability.

I believe that what may seem at first glance a polemical “gay-style” jest in fact puts forth a real and advancing agenda toward a “hell-like” world. There were various versions of this advertisement, but the common theme is this: a couple is portrayed with long Pinocchio noses (who knowingly lie) and ask: “We? Seriously?” all topped by the word, “Gay Village.”

No one should mistake the meaning of this message: even those who hypocritically pretend to be scandalized, or at least to have no interest at all in frequenting the “Gay Village” (with its full-fledged homosexuals) should be able to figure it out.

The subliminal message conveyed in this advertisement is strictly ideological.
The subliminal message conveyed in this advertisement is strictly ideological.

In short, it’s all about hypocrisy: we are a bunch of Pinocchios that sooner or later will drop our mask and openly manifest the homosexuality that exists in us, in all of us who believe that homosexuality is an abhorrent sin. Deep down we do not understand that we are either hypocrites or conditioned by a backward culture. Sooner or later, thanks to the homosexual movement and complicit politicians (and here the list is very long and growing by the day), we will ditch our fake Pinocchio noses and show our true nature.

A Veiled Threat

As mentioned, this message is much more disturbing and dangerous than it might appear to the naive at first glance. This is not just an advertisement about a meeting place or even an ideology as such. What they are saying is that one day we all will realize that we too are like them and then we will stop lying to ourselves and to others.

In short, it is an invitation to prepare ourselves to cut short the time of our hypocrisy and hasten the day of our definitive liberation. Maybe we can start by frequenting “Gay Village…” The hardest aspect to grasp in all this–and the most hidden one–is the “travel advisory” warning in small print in the upper right hand corner: “One day you too will be like us.” “Stop lying” and “be honest with yourself.” “Get ready.”

Sodom’s Dictatorial Totalitarianism

This is a totalitarian ideology whose followers seek not only to claim nonexistent “rights” and to obtain that which no one has ever obtained in any epoch anywhere but who want to impose their own “lifestyle” on the entire society as the best one, and who knows, perhaps one day, as the only one… (In fact, one thing is the existence of homosexuality, more or less ubiquitous at all times, and another thing altogether is the homosexual movement, advancing the agenda of obtaining civil and social rights on account of homosexuality, which is happening only in our crazy times.)

“Are We Exaggerating?”

This is the usual reply of fearful and omissive persons who deny the reality right before their eyes to avoid facing it for what it is. If they had told–not to a medieval man, or to a man from the 1500s or 1800s–if they had told our grandparents that one day we would see “gay pride” parades all over the world, including Rome, where they would profane the Colosseum and occupy the Circus Maximus, and all that with the consent of politicians, including those on the “right” and those calling themselves “Catholics,” facing an absolute silence from the Church hierarchy and perhaps even with the consent of some “borderline priests”… do you think they would have believed it? Or would they have said, “You’re exaggerating,”“this will never happen” … “Homosexuals only want to do their thing and nothing else, as always…”

Toward a Ruthless Homosexual Dictatorship

This is certainly what our grandparents would have answered, and they were right to think so at that time (that is, up until the sixties…). But how can one continue to close one’s eyes today without guilt or complicity? How can one believe that all the homosexual lobby wants is merely to have more “rights?” “Rights” to what?

They wanted “marriage?” They’re getting it almost everywhere. They wanted to adopt children? Ditto. Do you think they will stop here? Don’t fool yourself. They will relentlessly continue to promote other “gay pride” marches and to make additional claims. And the more they get, the more they will find willing and complicit politicians, the more they will see the church hierarchy silent and submissive and the more demands they will make as we, the laity, appalled but powerless, become “accustomed” over time to what was unthinkable and unimaginable just fifty years ago. Let me repeat for the deaf and the mute: they will keep making more and more demands.

What demands? Who knows, let me try to guess … Maybe one day, down this slippery slope, some homosexual lobby could request the indictment of those who are not homosexual and thus could be accused of “sexual racism” … And we all know very well how in our secular and tolerant society one can be anything but a “racist.” Have you ever thought of this possibility and its consequences? Am I exaggerating? I wish I were.

“The Support of ‘Moderates’”

Would to God that it was an exaggeration! But personally, I would not be surprised if it came to this. I can no longer afford the luxury of pretending to live in my grandfather’s world. So I conclude with the most bitter of reflections. If the problem were only homosexuals and their crazy demands it would be (and is) a great tragedy and a sign of the muddy end of our civilization. But it gets worse, much worse. There are conniving and sponsoring politicians, not just from the left but above all from the right (activist ministers, “Catholic” mayors, secularists of every strip). There are scientists like Dr. Umberto Veronesi who tell us (in daily newspapers and on television) that homosexual love is the only pure love. There are bad teachers of tolerance at any cost, scattered in schools, universities, television stations, newspapers, families, everywhere.

The Silence of Those who Should Shout, “Non Licet!”

Above all, there is the devastating silence of those who should be shouting to the heavens; those who should remind everyone every day of what happened to Sodom and Gomorrah. There is the silence of those who should be ready every day to give their lives to defend the order of creation, the one so desired by the very God who gave them their lives. There is the silence of those who have the supreme responsibility on this earth: that of ensuring eternal life to every soul, of serving and defending the Truth, protecting innocence and purity, and preserving from sin not only adults but especially children.

There is the silence of those who are more concerned about giving mosques to Muslims, defending criminals and anti-globalization activists and denouncing the devaluation of Italian State bonds than in crying out from the top of their lungs, even to death if necessary, “NON LICET!” There is the silence of those who never miss an opportunity to show outrage at the libertinism of some but remain silent at the homosexualization of the entire society. They are silent about children being placed with same-sex couples. There is the silence of those who should be our fathers but are worried about many other things. So it’s up to us to speak up. Because, “he that shall scandalize one of these little ones that believe in me, it were better for him that a millstone should be hanged about his neck, and that he should be drowned in the depth of the sea” (Matt.18:6). We can no longer be complicit with the accomplices of those that cause scandal.

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Massimo Viglione has lived in Rome since 1970. He graduated in philosophy at the University “La Sapienza”of Rome. He is a researcher of the Institute of History of the Mediterranean National Research Council and teaches Modern History and History of the Renaissance at the European University of Rome. He is a contributor of the magazine Radici Cristiane. In the past, he has been Visiting Lecturer at the University of Cassino and editorial director of the publishing house Il Minotauro. He has written several essays on the question of the Italian Risorgimento.

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