Sinful Acts Have Consequences That Impact Society

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Sinful Acts Have Consequences That Impact Society
Sinful Acts Have Consequences That Impact Society

Today, many wonder what has led our society to go so unbelievably wrong. They wonder how so many millions of Americans have gone from God-fearing, commandment-obeying citizens to hedonistic, immoral and even criminal neo-barbarians in a period of a few decades.

They are many causes for this transformation. However, I believe two important factors contributed to this rapid moral collapse of America. I further think this moral collapse will lead to a material collapse.

The first factor was the introduction of contraception, which separated actions from their consequences. The natural end of the marital act is procreation. When that end is eliminated, we do not restrain our sexual behavior. As a result, fornication, adultery and pornography enter society since there are no obstacles. The prospect of an illegitimate child is significantly reduced when contraception is practiced.

The second factor was the introduction and acceptance of abortion on demand. The immoral misuse of the marital act opened the floodgate to unrestrained fornication and adultery. However, contraception was not foolproof. It often failed. Thus, procured abortion, or the willful murder of an unborn child, was needed to deal with these failures.

The acceptance of the grave evils of contraception and procured abortion dulled the consciences of millions regarding sexual behavior. When a person accepts moral depravity in the explosive sexual passions, the devil pushes that soul to seek out even worse extreme manifestations of the sins against the sixth and ninth commandments governing purity. He pushes the envelope regarding immoral behavior to include group sex, homosexual behavior, “transgender” fantasies, seeking to make them go mainstream. Even bestiality and pedophilia are becoming more acceptable to a small yet growing segment of society.

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Once a person separates consequences from actions, then there is no limit to the perverse behavior that is possible.

Regarding procured abortion, this factor has the added effect of dulling people’s consciences about the value of life. Indeed, if we consider the slaughter of an unborn child acceptable and even beneficial, how can any facet of life be respected?

Accepting the slaughter of an innocent child makes it much easier to assault, rob or kill someone already born. It is also much easier to lie, cheat, steal or commit willful fraud.

There are many critical battles to defend Christian civilization today. However, until society understands and rejects the supreme gravity of abortion and contraception, vice will continue to lead people down the rapid trajectory to Hell.

The separation of actions and their consequences has also led to the denial of the reality of Hell. The consequence of grave sin is Hell. When the consequences are suppressed on earth, people tend to ignore the eternal consequence until it is too late.

The root of this moral crisis goes much farther back than the sixties. However, there is no doubt that the explosion of contraception and abortion have contributed significantly to our colossal moral crisis. Indeed, all evil acts have consequences and lead to worse actions and attitudes. We should not be surprised that Satanism is growing in acceptance.

That is why I believe that protesting against abortion is so important. It calls into question the whole sexual revolution. That is also why we must pray everywhere, including in the public square, to ask that God’s grace move Americans to reject sin and vice and return to the Father’s house.

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