September 5 – Standing Up for God’s Marriage in Saint Cloud

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Reporting From Saint Cloud, Minnesota

Today’s stop was Saint Cloud, a city with many Catholic inhabitants.

At the first intersection we received very good reactions: applause, thundering honks, thumbs up, double thumbs up and other variations such as “You tell him!” “Thank you!” and “Amen!” A few boys past by and were so happy that one of them asked, “Where’s my sign?” And when offered a TFP flyer, “10 Reasons Why Homosexual ‘Marriage’ Is Harmful and Must Be Opposed,” he said “I have way more than ten.”

After Mass we were all approached by people asking who we were and were we’d come from. Two ladies who happened to be sisters asked if we wanted to go out to lunch. At Perkins, we had a pleasant visit with them and other local Catholics concerned with the moral crisis shaking America. “We saw your videos and consider it an honor to meet you in person,” they said. For us it was consoling to meet others who are also committed to the good fight.

Back to the street campaign: Two individuals in leather jackets started shouting insults from their car. Their yelling was overpowered by horns honking in support of marriage. Moments later, they returned with two vulgar signs and stood in front of us to taunt, disrupt and harass. Their numbers increased to six or seven. The contrast between TFP volunteers and pro-homosexual individuals was clear and the public was shocked by their offensive behavior. The honks continued even louder.

Two of them, as they left, littered the lawn of a nearby business with their crude signs. It wasn’t unnoticed as people in cars started shouting at them, telling them to retrieve their trash from the lawn. Sullenly, they collected their cardboard signs. After we wrapped up, two pro-homosexual men followed us to the van. “If you continue to stalk us, we will call the police,” they were told. They finally backed away.

Another man ran up. He was friendly though. “I just wanted to say thank you,” he said. “I saw them following you and wanted to make sure they didn’t cause you any trouble. Thank you for what you’re doing. And I see a bunch of young people, and that makes your effort even more inspiring.”

As we shopped for groceries, there were those of us with nothing to do. So we walked to the nearest intersection in Clearwater, a small town, with “honk” signs. The clear majority honked, especially the truckers and only one person made an immoral gesture, a preferred form of expression used by those who wish to redefine marriage for everyone in America.

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

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