September 4 – Defending Real Marriage in the Twin Cities

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Minneapolis—St. Paul, Minnesota

Today we started the first campaign in Bloomington next to the mall. The intersection had three lanes of traffic and the usual honks in support of true marriage sounded immediately. A telephone worker passed and said: “Thank you, but I don’t need your flyer. I know why homosexual unions are wrong.”

A husband and wife walked by and said: “We are Roman Catholic and we believe in true marriage between one man and one woman!” Moments later a woman driving a jeep with a man in the passenger seat started yelling things that no one could really understand, but our friend, the telephone worker, happened to be across the street at the time and told us they didn’t say very nice things.

As we were getting into our van after the campaign, the same jeep swerved into the parking lot and stopped very close to our vehicle. As soon as they had come to a stop they began voicing their disagreement in a virulent manner. The woman, feeling that she couldn’t get her point across from the seat of her car, threw open the door and approached TFP member John Ritchie. It looked like she wanted to strike us. But her aggressive attitude somewhat subsided when she saw two cameras and many calm faces. Nonetheless, she accused us of being “hateful” and “bigoted.” Finally, the manager of the bank interrupted the debate: “I’m going to have to ask you to move your discussion somewhere else.”

The second locale was on Lyndale Ave, a very beautiful area with lots of trees and the most people honking thus far. After a half hour or so two police cars pulled up and informed us they had received an anonymous tip that protesters were in the street. They told us however that upon viewing the campaign for themselves, they had immediately seen the peaceful manner in which we were comporting ourselves. TFP volunteers never stand in the street, only on the sidewalk. “The other side might be upset,” the officer added, “but you have every right to be here.”

The scorching sun was taking its toll on us when two ladies drove up to the curb next to us. “Would you like some water?” they asked, delivering a very welcome pack of ice-cold water.

The positive response to the campaign was interrupted by an unshaven man who came riding down the street on a bike dressed very oddly. He wore a Hawaiian lai, white big rimmed sun glasses and, more surprisingly, a gun with what appeared to be a police badge attached to his belt. He stopped a short distance up the street from us and produced two white paper plates saying, “pro choice” and “love is love.” He showed them to the passing cars as he shouted mockingly against God from time to time. As this individual demonstrated, abortion and homosexual vice — two mortal sins — are closely connected.

Rush-Hour Traffic

After lunch we found a good intersection and began the campaign. Here, there was never a row of passing traffic without someone, if not most, honking or signaling in favor of traditional marriage. Several families in the neighborhood approached us to let us know that they were also fighting to protect marriage. Dozens of people paused to take snapshots of the campaign with cameras or cellphones.

The opposition: Besides the normal inappropriate remarks and indecent gestures, one man thought insults weren’t strong enough and made his opinion known by throwing a bottle of water at us as he drove past.

Before going to Epiphany Church in Coon Rapids, we had a few minutes to spare so we walked a few blocks up the street and just held our “Honk for traditional marriage — 1 man + 1 woman” signs. Even without the banner and flags the reception was excellent.

“I received an e-mail from TFP Student Action saying you would be in Minnesota, but I never thought that you would actually be on my street. Keep up the good work!”

So far, Minnesotans have provided a very good reception and we look forward to our next campaigns.

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

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