September 3 – TFP Tour for True Marriage Kicks Off in Maryland, Maine, Minnesota and Rhode Island

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After a long 1,200 mile van ride, TFP volunteers arrived in Minnesota very eager to begin their ten-day, state-wide tour in support of God-ordained marriage: the union between 1 man and 1 woman. Two additional teams of TFP members also kicked off campaigns in three other states — Maryland, Maine and Rhode Island — bringing to 32 our total number of young marriage defenders engaged in this vital effort.

From Minneapolis—St. Paul, Minnesota

Our first stop was at the enormous Mall of America where we set up at a busy intersection. The fourteen-foot banner inscribed with “God’s marriage = 1 man + 1 woman,” the signs, bagpipes, American flag, and TFP standard make a clear, visible and powerful statement. Some love it, but others do not.

Support was decent with lots of honking for marriage. However, a group of pro-homosexual bicyclers expressed themselves with the predictable, calling us “bigots.” Of course we never respond in kind and politeness often wins the high ground.

Near the Minnesota State Fair

Here, traffic was much heavier as the adjacent State Fairgrounds had attracted some 100,000 people to the neighborhood. Four individuals with garish colored hair and strange body piercing arrived looking for trouble.

“Your ******* sign has hate all over it!” screamed the ringleader loudly.

“No. You are wrong. There’s no hate on that banner,” responded a TFP volunteer. “It only affirms that God’s marriage = 1 man + 1 woman. How is that hateful?”

“[expletive] you! That’s hate!” the wayward youth shouted. As he departed, he spun around and attempted to spit on us.

Nevertheless, we received ample support. “Good job. We’ve got to win this one!” said an off-duty police officer who stopped his car, got out, and went from volunteer to volunteer shaking hands. Also, a husband and wife parked and came over to talk to us because they were overjoyed to see the campaign.

After holding successful rallies at three visible locations, we retired to our campground for a hardy meal and prepared ourselves for another full day of pro-family campaigns in the Twin Cities. This endeavor has been placed under the protection of Saint Joseph. So, until next time — let’s ask Saint Joseph to protect America from the homosexual movement’s attempt to radically redefine and distort the meaning and sanctity of marriage.

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

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