Sept 30 – San Diego State University & the University of San Diego

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Sept 30 - San Diego State University & the University of San Diego

Pro-Homosexual Leftist Assaults TFP Cameraman
This morning we organized two campaigns simultaneously. Four TFP volunteers went to San Diego State University and nine others to the University of San Diego. Let’s talk about our visit to the University of San Diego first, a private Catholic university, then I’ll report about the campaign at San Diego State, where a TFP camera man was violently assaulted.

Catholic and non-Catholic students entering campus on foot or by car were surprised to find a group opposing same-sex “marriage.” Some showed timid support. Others, unfortunately, swore at us and made obscene gestures. Sure enough, before long a student who identified himself as a “recovering atheist” showed up with a sign, saying: “Don’t listen to these fools! Honk if you disagree.” He did not seem particularly intelligent and few noticed him or his sign.

There’s a fact I would like to relate from an earlier campaign. I met a Protestant professor who was appalled by the moral decay of society. “I live in Big Bear, a community with a population of 11,000. And in our community alone there are 558 registered pedophiles,” she said with deep concern. “Where is this going to stop!?”

The president of a conservative student club at USD introduced himself and asked if we could give a talk to his student club about our activities for traditional marriage in California.

Call from team one: “We need help!”
My cell phone rang. TFP volunteers at San Diego State University are surrounded on all sides, engaged in intense debate. “A pro-homosexual student just stole our poster and we need help, urgently,” said Mr. Matthew Shibler. In fact, three different people witnessed the theft and came to inform us later that they had seen the poster thief slinking away. But we had no time to weep over stolen property. “Can you give us fifteen minutes to get there?” I asked. “Sure” was the answer, so we jumped in the van and hurried over to San Diego State University to help them out.

As we arrived we saw clusters of students in heated debate. We heard the ring leader of the pro-homosexual students tell two lesbians who were screaming at us, “Shut up! We are already organizing against them. Don’t worry. They [TFP] will be escorted off the campus momentarily…” For the record, we were not escorted off campus.

With rage, a woman said: “I wish you (TFP volunteers) would kill yourselves.”

Two lesbians approached Mr. Keith Douet. “You are full of hate. Hate is written all over your flier.”

“Where do you find something hateful in the flier? Please point it out to me so that we may remove it,” he said.

“It’s not what you say, but the idea behind the ideas,” they continued. “You can read hate everywhere between the lines.”

“You must base your arguments on what is written, not on what you may or may not read between the lines. You may read one thing. Others may read something totally different,” replied Mr. Douet.

The same lesbians tried to persuade three black students not to receive our flier: “Don’t take it. It’s hate!” they insisted. Nevertheless, the students took the flier, adding: “Actually, homosexuality is hate. It’s a sin.”

Two people who did not support traditional marriage or the work of the TFP stated that TFP volunteers were “being polite and using logic” in the discussions. They further stated that the lesbians debating against us were “emotionally charged and hateful.” These comments are consoling coming from a totally unsolicited and unbiased source.

High interest for TFP flier
Two students on separate occasions were observed removing TFP fliers from a trash can and seen walking away reading them.

An older gentleman told Mr. Cesar Franco that he has seen many preachers go through San Diego State University. “They are absolutely not prepared to deal with the reactions of liberal students that await them and challenge them.” He continued, “The members of your group know how to deal with the reaction in a splendid way. I am extremely edified to see you here. It’s upsetting that the leadership of the different churches are not doing anything to spearhead the defense of traditional marriage. I am now going to follow your website and tell my friends about you,” he said.

The homosexual movement will not stop at same-sex “marriage.” One moral abyss calls unto new moral abysses. After Mr. Franco explained the slippery slope dynamics of moral decay to a student, he said: “Yes, you are right. Things will get worse. Here on campus, they call that argument the ‘slippery slope fallacy.’ Our professors say it is not a valid point and teach us to reject it, but I agree with you. I think it is absolutely valid. Thank you for your work!”

Thank God we have a camera
Following our lawyer’s advice, we always have a camera on hand. We’ve discovered that leftists and anti-family advocates get violently angry when they notice we have a camera at the ready. Are they afraid their violent activity will be exposed?

About 30 feet from the “free speech steps” where we stood distributing literature was a table promoting Communism and the woman’s liberation movement, repeating tired slogans such as “Workers of the world, unite!” The booth was manned by a woman in her fifties and younger man in his twenties.

As they packed up and put away their atheist material, the woman could not contain her hatred against the Catholic Faith and the TFP volunteers promoting God’s marriage nearby. What she screamed is too vile and blasphemous to write down or repeat. She attacked and cursed Our Lord crucified over and over again, then alternated with verbal attacks on us. It was most consoling to know that we were being insulted precisely because of our union with Our Lord Jesus Christ.

It looked ugly. And that’s when Mr. Kenneth Murphy pulled out his camera, just in case. The sight of the camera enraged her even more and she briskly walked forward and shoved the heavy frame of the Nikon D200 into Mr. Murphy’s right eye, sending him rolling backwards onto the steps. Some call that “tolerance.” According to the law, it’s assault and battery. Immediately after hurting Mr. Murphy, she left campus together with the other man.

I had enough. Following her foot steps at a distance with Mr. Murphy, I called 911. When we approached the intersection of Hardy and 55th Street, the police managed to identify the assailant using those cameras you periodically see at intersections. Their response was immediate. Within seconds, three police cars pulled up along the curb. After reporting what had occurred, the police gave Mr. Murphy two options: 1) to prosecute her for assault or 2) give her a warning and forbid her access to campus for life. Mr. Murphy chose the second option.

At El Torrito Restaurant
Even when we are not campaigning, we are still on campaign.

As we waited to be seated at El Torrito Restaurant for dinner, a family at a nearby table called Mr. Matthew Shibler aside. “Who are you? What are you doing?” they asked. I guess 13 clean cut young men call a fair amount of attention. After finding out who we were, they said: “O yes. We know. A friend of ours gave us your flier. We like what you are doing.”

Next, we fount out why two police cars were parked in front of the restaurant. Two homosexuals got into a brawl shortly before we arrived because a partner of one was found in the same restaurant out to dinner with the partner of the other. The fight was so violent the police had to intervene. Not a “gay” story.

From the inbox:

“We have been quiet too long…”


I am a home schooling mother of 6 in WV and we were just out in California 1 year ago for a 6-week family trip to visit some of the major national parks (like Sequoia, Yosemite and the Red Woods). Thankfully, we did not see even overtly one gay couple on our whole trip. However, we know that they are there – especially in California’s major cities. I just want to thank you for what you are doing. It takes great courage and faith to stand in all the “hot spots” you’ve been and I know God will thank you in Heaven for the work you are doing. Your efforts are inspiring me and I hope I can someday be as brave for God’s laws as you are. Thank you so much for giving of yourselves in this way. You are showing others what FAITH IN ACTION is all about. We have been quiet too long and more of us need to speak out for God’s laws and defend His guiding principles.

May you be held in the sweet arms of Mary through your crusade and receive all the graces and help you need to continue to the end. You are like St. Paul when he says he is running the race to Heaven.

Your Sister in Christ,
Alice H.

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