Sept 3 – American River Community College

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Sept 3 - American River Community College

The campaign today at American River College near Sacramento was perhaps one of the most heated and intense campaigns in TFP Student Action history.

After reaching campus, we split up into three groups. Each group put on their TFP capes, prayed the customary three Hail Marys and began distributing fliers. The weather was warm, sunny and so far calm.

“Thank you!” said one lady as she reached for a flier. As she glanced at the content she added. “Wow! You guys are bold. I appreciate what you are doing. I am glad someone is doing something about this issue.” Like a drop of oil on a piece of paper, the flier started circulating all over campus and very few people were indifferent to its message.

Non-stop debate and discussion

Nearby, a pro-homosexual student started: “You’re not being effective. You’re wasting your time.” With a candid smile, Mr. Kenneth Murphy calmly responded: “If we are not being effective, then what are you worrying about?” Several students watching the discussion liked his reply and began to applaud. Yes, it was obvious to them that the TFP presence was having a tremendous impact.

By now the atmosphere was no longer so calm. On three occasions, TFP member Mr. Cesar Franco was verbally attacked with vulgarities and each time someone on campus came to his defense with words of gratitude for what he was doing. It must be noted that some of the insults hurled against TFP volunteers are unrepeatable.

At noon, all of our three teams gathered on the quad where dozens of students had congregated. Under the shade, clusters of students talked and debated. The campus was buzzing with excitement. A group of Protestant students manning a booth nearby were delighted with our campaign and frequently walked over to photograph or film the more heated discussions. “Can you come back tomorrow?” they asked. “We’ve never seen this campus react so much to any other issue and tomorrow you will be able to reach more students.” Unfortunately, our schedule would not permit us to return. We need to cover the entire state of California, so we must keep moving.

Pro-homosexual student spits on TFP volunteer

At this point in the campaign I looked around and found every TFP volunteer surrounded by a cluster of students; some screamed, some listened and others debated furiously. The pro-homosexual activists on campus were never challenged in this way before, which explains why Mr. Matthew Taylor had a flier ripped up in his face and was spit on by a pro-homosexual student. He faced the unpleasant situation calmly like a true Catholic gentleman. Later we pondered how the pro-homosexual camp would have reacted if something similar would have occurred to one of theirs.

How does it hurt you?

“How does gay marriage hurt anyone?” asked a pro-homosexual student loudly. “It doesn’t hurt you, you bigot!”
Mr. Cesar Franco explained: “It hurts many people, especially those who engage in sodomy. Did you know the AIDS rate among homosexuals is 500% higher than the average person? Besides, the lifestyle is fraught with other STDs and illnesses, and that hurts people.”
The pro-homosexual student was forced to agree. “Yes, I know that,” she said.
Mr. Franco added: “Homosexual friendship is abusive, fraught with STDs and illness and that hurts people.”
However, she insisted: “But people need to be accepted for who they are…”

Fox News Channel 40 arrived with a reporter and camera man and filming the campaign for about one hour. That evening our campaign was broadcast on the news, reaching an even larger audience.

A tactic employed by pro-homosexual activists is to stray from the arguments that are being presented and to descend into the gutter of filthy language and profanity. You literally need ear wash after hearing it. It is really not pleasant.

For example, a pro-homosexual female student placed a condom on a rolled up TFP flier and waved it in the face of several TFP volunteers while shouting obscenities and insults. Other liberal students cheered her on. For a moment, I thought to myself, “let’s get out of this here.” But we remained. We had to win the day for traditional marriage, and with the protection of Our Lady, Virgin of virgins, and Saint Joseph, at the end of the day, truth prevailed.

From the mailbox:

“To the TFP cadets: You are an inspiration! Thank you for your faithfulness to Our Lord, His Church and your mission…” – Mr. and Mrs. K. W. – Yuba City, California

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