Sept 27 – San Diego

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Sept 27 - San Diego

A high traffic intersection near Fashion Valley Mall offered us a good opportunity to spread the pro-traditional marriage message. We used three banners, including the one that says: “Same-sex ‘marriage’ violates Natural Law.” Also, a new sign was added to our collection today. It reads: “Catholics reject same-sex ‘marriage.'”

Responses from the public varied greatly, from clapping, cheering, and thumbs up to cursing, obscene utterances, middle fingers, and the like.

A leftist hippie with a grey beard warned Mr. Peter Miller and Mr. Matthew Taylor to “be careful because people can get violent.” One such person, a pro-homosexual advocate riding a bicycle, could not contain his anger and attempted to shove a high-gloss magazine with a pink cover into several TFP volunteers’ faces, shouting insults all the while.

Please continue to pray for our pro-traditional marriage tour. The other side is angry and violent.

May Saint Joseph, our campaign patron, help and protect us.

To send TFP volunteers your comments or greetings, write to [email protected].

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We’ve already traveled over 7,251 miles for traditional marriage and it takes some $107.00 to fill our van’s gas tank. Thank you for considering a gift to this cause. God bless you!

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