Sept 26 – California State University – Riverside

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Sept 26 - California State University - Riverside

We had a fruitful campaign today at the University of California, Riverside campus. A large percentage of students walking to and from classes took a copy of our traditional marriage flier.

As we travel, many people are interested to know if our tour is meeting success and making a difference. The answer is “yes,” based on two observations. First, those who oppose traditional moral values literally go ballistic when they see us in action. If our campaign had no impact, why would they be so visibly disturbed? Second, the bold, peaceful and polite public stand of the TFP makes it easier for folks to break out of the artificial bubble of political correctness and proclaim the truth in their communities.

“I want to thank you so much for doing this at my university. Where can I find out more about your group?” asked a student.

A sociology professor disagreed, saying: “Your presence here is an insult and a disgrace to the knowledge and science of this institution.”

Two students stopped to talk, an economics student and a lesbian. The former said: “I am an economics student so maybe that is why I am having a hard time understanding how this affects you. I always look at the economic side of things.”

Mr. Keith Douet replied: “So you must know about the government’s study showing how $1.2 billion tax dollars go to support families missing either a mother or father. The study demonstrates how children without a father or mother have a more difficult time graduating from school and are more inclined to get involved in crime.” Upon hearing this, the lesbian student started cursing and the economics student, a bit shocked, said: “The University is about the exchange of ideas; you shouldn&rsqip;t use that type of language.”

Twenty six days into our tour, I am glad to report that the spirits and morale among my TFP colleagues is high and ready to continue.

We count on your prayers and support as we head off to San Diego.

Saint Joseph, patron of this campaign, pray for us!

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