Sept 23 – Mt. San Antonio College

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Sept 23 - Mt. San Antonio College
Many students eagerly accepted the TFP’s flyer against same-sex “marriage.”














Today’s campaign was a great example of the so-called tolerance of the anti-marriage crowd. Our first stop was Mount San Antonio College. After receiving a permit from college authorities, TFP Student Action members set up in the free speech area. Yards away were a dozen or more booths promoting student clubs, including a booth pushing the homosexual agenda.

A debate was almost inevitable. And sure enough, the center of attention became the TFP campaign. Most of the students manning booths abandoned their posts to find out what was happening on the other side of the square.

Soon a rainbow flag agitated in the wind, a symbol used by the homosexual movement. Then another. Slowly a tight knot of counter-demonstrators formed. “Officer, don’t expect any trouble from us,” said TFP volunteer Charles Sulzen to a campus policeman who arrived. “We always behave in a peaceful and respectful manner.” The officer replied: “I see that. I am not concerned about your behavior. I am here to protect you from any harm they might (pro-homosexual students) might inflict on you.”

Taunts and insults began to fly till the air was thick with filthy and vulgar language. Soon, one individual grabbed a flyer and lighting it on fire with a lighter, threw it upon the ground still flaming. When TFP members pointed out the hypocrisy of the act, the pro-homosexual activists responded with more insults.

A Divided Campus
Later some homosexual advocates ran to find a trash can and coaxed students to discard the TFP flier. Some did, but happily, many not only kept their flyers but steered well clear of the growing group of homosexuals. As the shouting grew louder from the homosexual crowd, many were shocked by the filthy language polluting the air waves.

They chanted ad nauseam, clapping to the rhythm: “Hey, hey. Ho, ho. Homophobia has got to go!”

Mr. Keith Douet asked a homosexual “marriage” supporter: “Can you please tell me what homophobia means?” He responded: “I don’t know what it means. It is a loose term. It means whatever you want it to mean.” If it means whatever you want it to, “then how do you know we are homophobic,” said Mr. Douet. “I should hope college students don’t use words they don’t know the meaning of.”

Pro-homosexual students burned several flyers.
Pro-homosexual students burned several flyers.














White ashes, remnants of what was a TFP flier, blew in the wind at the feet of about 40 pro-homosexual students who gathered to harass TFP members. Several times, campus police warned them not to invade our space. However, they would not obey the authorities. Every 10 minutes or so, the cluster of frantic liberals moved closer and closer. Campus police would intervene, asking them to retreat. They would retreat for a short period of time, and then invade our space again jeering, cursing, yelling and blaspheming the name of God.

Liberal professor feeds anti-family frenzy
“Attention! Attention!” he shouted attempting to quite the bunch. “Some of you know me. I am a professor here at Mount San Antonio…” cheers ring out reminiscent of the mobs at the time of the French Revolution. “This is what you call a teaching moment. These people (TFP) are attempting to impose their religious views on America. But marriage is a civil institution and they have no business telling us what we can or can do!” More yells.

A leftist professor (center, in purple) tried to incite a counter-demonstration.
A leftist professor (center, in purple) tried to incite a counter-demonstration.













We responded chanting, “natural law, natural law, natural law.”

“You are a dying breed,” said the professor. More yells. “California approves same-sex ‘marriage.'” More yells.

We responded chanting, “61%, 61%, 61%,” the number of Californians who approved Prop. 22 in the year 2000 in favor of one man, one woman marriage, and “freedom of speech, practice what you preach, freedom of speech, practice what you preach.”

The 40 to 50 pro-homosexual individuals linked arms and made a rotating circle (like grade school students do) around the 13 TFP volunteers and started yelling “Peace and love. Peace and love.” How ironic. Just moments before a pro-homosexual student burned our flier. Now, they chanted peace and love. What a flagrant contradiction. It didn’t make any sense whatsoever.

Sept 23 - Mt. San Antonio College
Rather than debate the issue in a peaceful and rational way, the pro-homosexual students resorted to chanting and intimidation by physically encircling the campaign.

As they rotated, I noticed a small piece of burned paper on the ground, the remainder of a TFP flier. I picked it up, pointed to the charred edges and said, “This here is an example of what you mean by peace and love. Look here everybody. These are the remnants of a TFP flier that was burned. Wake up. This is the ‘tolerance’ pro-homosexuals display.

The professor, not knowing what to do, stepped forward and violently wrenched the burned piece of paper out of my hands. We shouted, “aggressor” and he quickly decided to return it. I kept this paper with me as a reminder of the campaign.

More debates
He thought he discovered a flaw in our position: “So you want to force homosexuals, a small percentage of the population, to live abstinent and chaste lives?” said the student. “No,” answered Mr. Keith Douet, “Everyone is called to live chaste lives, starting with me.”

A feminist student stated that marriage only became a legal contract two-hundred years ago, before that they were treated as mere objects or property. Using the scholarly studies of historian Regine Pernoud, Mr. Douet proved that women in the Middle Ages were given utmost respect and dignity. “So you must be against the porn industry then, right? It turns women into objects,” stated Mr. Douet. Silent pause. “I guess I have mixed feelings. Women can do whatever they want,” was the feminist’s reply.

Students join TFP volunteers
Campus security was now visibly nervous. Many students, shocked by the disrespectful behavior of the pro-homosexual camp, decided to form behind the TFP banner to give us moral support and encouragement. “Is there going to be a fight?” two students asked. “We sure hope not,” said Mr. Charles Sulzen. “Well, if there is, we are ready to defend you. If anything happens, we want to help you. You guys are brave to be here.”

Several students stood with us during the harrassment.
Several students stood with us during the harrassment.














Another student said: “How silly. They compare opposition to homosexuality with racial discrimination. How do you just create a new race?”

A group of young women confronted a pro-homosexual student and defended the TFP. “Have some respect for them!” said the more vocal one. “They are behaving like gentlemen. They are open to civil discussions, and you burned their flier, and you use the f-word and God in the same sentence.”

“Gentlemen?! That’s a socially constructed idea,” replied the pro-homosexual.

“Show some respect!” insisted the young lady.

Once again, thank you for your generous support and prayers.

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

From the inbox:

Dear Caravan Members,

You are all doing great work, but I fear for your safety. I’m shocked by the responses you’ve received just by peacefully presenting yourselves in the manner that you do. Prior to my conversion at the hands of Mary to the Catholic Church, I used to be pro-homosexual marriage and many other things but now that I’ve seen the truth, my attitudes have changed. Traditional marriage in this country receives little to no support, as I discovered when I was taken in by the New Age movement and nearly lost my marriage, then tried to recover it. All of the forces in this country are against marriage in the real sense and for the “married singles” concept, as articulated by the New Agers and their unholy forces in our society. Homosexual marriage and other perversions are simply symptoms of the widespread New Age movement.

I’m concerned about the death threats you have received and I will include you in my rosary prayers in the morning.

Douglas A.
Longmont, Colorado

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