Sept 21 – Los Angeles, Yorba Linda

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Sept 21 - Los Angeles, Yorba Linda

After attending the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, we found a busy intersection in Yorba Linda near a shopping center. The caravan now has three new members: Mr. Matthew Shibler and his brother Michael and Mr. Jose Walter Ferraz.

Out of the blue, a gentleman stopped and volunteered to spend part of his Sunday evening holding one of our pro-traditional marriage banners. “I’ve known the American TFP for years,” he said. “I visited your headquarters when it was located in Bedford, New York.”

Water balloon ambush

Three college-age individuals ran out from behind the gas station to our rear and started lobbing water balloons as us. As soon as we turned around and looked at them, they fled. Two of our members followed them with cameras and managed to photograph the license plate of their getaway car – a black Volkswagen bug – which they scrambled into as fast as they could. I don’t think they expected to see two cameras flashing away.

A man who had watched the water balloon attack from the pump station, called out: “Did you get their license plate number? You need to bust those people. You got it… great!”

I reported the incident to a police officer patrolling the area. He made a report, tracked the address of the owner of the vehicle and made some phone calls to ensure it would not happen again.

A special thank you to all blog readers. Your constant prayers and support are making this caravan possible.

To send a message to the members of this caravan, write to [email protected]. We would like to hear from you.

From the inbox:

Hi there fellow Catholics & TFP volunteers,

I was online reading all your daily encounters on your tour through California to rally support for traditional marriage. I am so happy to see your zeal for souls. I wish I could join you. I live in a small town in California named Blythe. I wanted to tell you that what you are doing is so important for mother Church. She needs all of our efforts, for us to fight as soldiers of Christ. I almost always end up in tears when I read about your encounters with people on the streets and in this country. Don’t ever give up, YOU give me much hope. This world (especially this country) needs these demonstrations defending MORALITY and defending CHRISTIANITY!!!! You will always encounter opposition; remember Jesus Christ was furiously opposed by those same blind fools, souls with hearts as hard as rocks and the saddest part is to see that they tread on the path to destruction. I see gay pride and I see the face of Satan surrounding it. I will always pray for you and your efforts. I think that GOD sees your most sincere intentions and He smiles upon you. He will always keep you safe. SAVE SOULS FOR CHRIST!!!!! The GOOD LORD will always assist us in defending His kingdom and perhaps you will touch a soul that will repent and have a true conversion. MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND MAKE HIS FACE SHINE UPON YOU!!!!!


How to Support the Caravan

If you wish to support this vital endeavor with a gift, please click below.

If you would like to make your contribution by mail, please send a check payable to TFP Student Action and mail it to:

TFP Student Action,
1358 Jefferson Rd.
Spring Grove, PA 17362.

We’ve already traveled over 3,000 miles for traditional marriage and it takes some $107.00 to fill our van’s gas tank. Thank you for considering a gift to this cause. God bless you!

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