Sept 18 – Bakersfield College

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“What is this all about?” asked a student at Bakersfield College. After Mr. Cesar Franco explained the importance of traditional marriage and gave him a flier, he said: “That’s great! Thank you! Let me shake your hand. What church are you from?” After being informed that TFP volunteers are Catholic, he wanted to know why Catholic priests are celibate.

Mr. Cesar’s answer was rudely interrupted by a college official who demanded that he go immediately to the office of Student Activities – another case of “free speech” regulations. The student objected: “We are having a deep conversation and you want to take him away. That’s not right. Let him stay.”

Reactions in the college office

In the office, Mr. Cesar Franco was given a “vendor” application form to fill out. One of the requirements was to provide proof of a one million dollar insurance policy. He attempted to explain how the TFP is not a “vendor” but a non-profit foundation. The office manager would not listen and invited him to leave campus or show up with a one million dollar insurance policy just to give out fliers. They call it “free speech.”

While in the office, Mr. Franco witnessed a steady stream of pro-homosexual individuals entering the office holding TFP fliers. They did not know Mr. Franco was listening and harassed college employees with foul, aggressive language: “Did you see this? These people are passing out these (bleep, bleep) fliers. Remove them from campus immediately!”

The lady behind the desk was a little more than just nervous. She was worried about losing her job. “I’m already on it,” she repeated. “No. No. I don’t need this. Not today. Please.”

Campaign on California Ave

In the afternoon we campaigned at the intersection of California Ave and Oak St. “I already received your flier from a nun at Church,” said a passerby. “I want more to give out. Can you give me a stack of them?”

Here, we received a high rate of HPM (honks per minute) in support of traditional marriage. Even cars waiting in the drive-through lane at Taco Bell honked their horns, making it difficult for fast-food employees to hear anything on the intercom and take orders. Cars kept honking anyway.

Blasphemy and same-sex “marriage”

A man in his twenties screamed loud insults and blasphemy against Our Lord from his car as he waited for his Taco Bell order. Then he made an obscene gesture with his finger at me. His car was wedged between others cars in line for their order so I decided to walk up to him. All his initial bravado suddenly vanished. He sunk back into his seat and lowered his voice, slightly embarrassed, but continued: “If you don’t like same-sex ‘marriage’ move away from California. They can do whatever they want. How does it hurt you anyway?”

I replied: “Freedom has limits and homosexual sin hurts me because it hurts the society I live in. It hurts me to see toddlers in public school being taught that homosexual vice is normal. It hurts me to see the sanctity of marriage being violated by the state.” The man answered: “Just keep Church and state separate.”

“Marriage is an institution that is rooted in the nature of man, in Natural Law, in our very blueprint,” I said. “And if you are in favor of the separation of Church and State, then you should oppose the state forced homosexual ‘marriage’ on Californians who rejected it by 61% eight years ago. The state is in fact forcing its secular views on California. And when pedophilia advocates start demanding their “rights,” on what moral ground will the state stand on to object to such a moral aberration. What are civil laws if they don’t respect eternal principles rooted in the unchanging truth created by God?”

The man’s eyes began to water and he said in the low voice: “I’m sorry for calling you names. You have the right to do this campaign.”

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

In the news:
Assault Doesn’t Deter Marriage Backers

From the inbox:


I just read about some of your people being attacked when you were trying to give out literature to preserve traditional marriage. I am a Christian woman from Pennsylvania, but not a member of any group. I just wanted to tell you that most people do not believe in perversion, and that most of us want to bring our children up with morals and values. That said, it is sure hard in this generation.

I pray that you can preserve traditional marriage – it is even weird that we need to write
“traditional” next to marriage, or that the discussion of whether folks can marry someone
of their own sex even exists – has the world gone stark-raving mad? No, I think rather
that the words of our Lord make such perfect sense in this generation, that man is given
over to his own selfish and perverted desire; these, God tells us, are reprobate, completely
worthless in the service of our Father.

Please forgive me, I’m rambling on, and you are so busy; mostly, I just wanted to
say “thank you” to all of you for your hard work, and I want all of you to know that
on those days that seem so discouraging, there are lots of people just like me who
appreciate you more than you could ever, ever know.

Thank you and God Bless You,

Jan D.
Pottstown, Pa.

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