Sept 17 – Bakersfield

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Sept 17 - Bakersfield

Thus far, Bakersfield is the city where the most people honked their horns in support of traditional marriage; bus drivers, policemen, fire trucks, cars, even pedestrians on the sidewalk found a way to honk for true marriage. We simply received an outstanding reception.

Almost invariably, when obscene words are directed against us at intersections, the foul language is drowned out by a collection of horn honks. The honks dispel the idea that those who oppose same-sex “marriage” are few and alone and isolated. You just can’t argue with all the noise. And it’s loud.

I should compile a list of comments people make when they see the TFP on the streets. Here are a few from today: “Sweet.” “Right on!” “God bless you!” “You bet.” “Oh, yes!” “Thank you for doing this!” and “You are doing God’s work!”

When offered a flier, a man said: “Nope. I don’t want it.” “But it is for traditional marriage; one man, one woman,” replied a TFP volunteer. “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought it was something else. Sure, I’ll take it.” Looking at the flier, he added: “This is great. Thank you!”

The weather is hot. You can smell the scent of melting tar on the road. Yet my colleagues are more than willing to continue promoting traditional marriage in these sweltering conditions. They don’t complain. It is a real pleasure and honor to be with such a good, upbeat and cheerful team of TFP volunteers.

“Get a life!” yelled a woman from her car as she waited for the light to turn green. The best answer we could think of was this: “Yes, eternal life. We are working on eternal life! Eternal life is what really matters.”

Two Counter-Protesters

Although support for traditional marriage was overwhelming, opposition appeared. Two homosexuals stood on the opposite side of the street holding signs: “Gay and proud,” and “Real Californians support all marriages.” They must have cringed every time a car honked for us. At one point they interpreted a honk that was intended for us as a honk for them and began to cheer. But when the driver realized what had happened, she immediately gave them a thumbs down.

Mr. Kenneth Murphy asking a passerby what he thought of their pro-homosexual sign. The pedestrian answered: “It doesn’t matter what I think. I know marriage is between one man and one woman. I can’t stand homosexuality.”

At lunch time, a very generous TFP supporter arrived with 12-inch Subway sandwiches and cool drinks. The food vanished quickly. I must also mention that another generous family gave us their home to use during our stay in Bakersfield.

As we were getting into our van, the two pro-homosexual activists were getting into their car across the street. A security guard nearby was paying keen attention to our signs and their signs. And as we pulled away from the curb and into the street, he stepped forward, stood at attention and saluted our van in dignified military fashion.

At Kern County Fair

The main entrance to the Kern County Fair was a great way to meet lots of people and give out more fliers, “10 Reasons Why Homosexuality is Harmful and Must be Opposed.”

A parade of old antique cars, fire trucks, wagons, horses, Budweiser Clydesdales, and a marching band passed right in front of our campaign. In addition to many others, the fair clown gave us a big thumbs up when he passed in front of our sign for traditional marriage.

“Do you think God will punish us again like He did with Sodom and Gomorrah?” asked a fair-goer, adding: “I think He will. The fires and hurricanes are warnings. We are living on borrowed time…” Two other people on separate occasions expressed the same idea in similar words.

A Protestant lady stopped to chat for a while. “I found your flier rolled up on a bench inside the fairgrounds and took it. I am really concerned about the hate crime bills that attempt to stifle our ability to even quote from the Bible,” she said. “I really like your flier, especially the disclaimer on the back. It is very well articulated. I am going to show it to my pastor. We’re going to use this same language it in our church. This is the way to get around the problem and still speak the truth.”

Other fair goers gave their approval, saying: “I’m right with you” or “Amen.”

“The school system is not teaching reading, writing and arithmetic, but pushing for social change and the acceptance of homosexuality,” said the parents of several young children. “That’s why we are home schooling our children.”

A younger lady made it a point to say: “If I ever have children, I will home school them because I don’t want them to learn that homosexuality is ok.”

Thank you for your prayers and support. Without your prayers and the protection of Saint Joseph, our campaign patron, I don’t know if this caravan would be possible.

Thank you!

P.S. Two radio stations called for interviews today. They were shocked to hear that our members were assaulted by pro-homosexual activists.

From the inbox:

I just finished reading your “caravan” account and was very impressed with the courage, restraint, and Christian example demonstrated by your volunteers. They are to be commended. As I read the accounts of the violent and abusive language they were subjected to by the pro-homosexual elements, I couldn’t help but relate this vile conduct to the numerous Bible accounts of how the devil reacted when Jesus and His apostles expelled him from the possessed. Your Christian witness has given hope and courage to those who continue to fight for the truth. May God bless you and protect you always.

— Rich S.
Erie, PA

As a wife and mom, I want to thank you and encourage you to keep up this fight! JMJ pray for us! God bless you all!
— Stacey C.

Hello fellow Christians!
Congratulations on your campaign against same-sex marriage. Since you are in California I was wondering if you would have a chance to make a stop a this address … It is a Catholic Radio Station and I am sure they would greatly appreciate your attendance to show the community we are all this fight together. Thank you so much and God Bless you for doing this great and challenging work.
Deanna M. R.

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