Sept 10 – Stanford University and Palo Alto

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Sept 10 - Stanford University and Palo AltoWith memories of UC Berkeley still fresh in our minds, we headed off to Stanford University. Its imposing buildings and manicured gardens are worth seeing. Since classes had not fully started, people were sparse. However, we gave out some traditional marriage fliers near the cafeteria and decided to move to the city of Palo Alto to reach more people.
We soon found a busy intersection and set up our banners and signs. On the way from the van where we parked to the site of the campaign, many cars managed to read our signs and already began responding to “honk for traditional marriage.” The honks only increased at the intersection.

Pro-homosexual tries to inflict harm, throws glass bottle

When cars at the intersection explode with honks, as they always do, those who oppose traditional marriage react in negative ways.

In Palo Alto, a dark SUV with a “Ducks Unlimited” bumper sticker, hurled a glass bottle out the window while driving through the intersection. The bottle shattered on the road near out banner and nearly hit a tourist on her way to the shopping center across the street. Stunned by the aggression of the pro-homosexual, shaking with fear, she asked me: “Should I go back to the hotel? It’s not safe out here.”

A police officer a few yards away, attending to a fender bender was equally shocked over the incident. He issued a search for the vehicle that attempted to inflict harm on us.

“You deserve to be persecuted”
A pro-homosexual woman pulled off the road and into the parking lot, approached Mr. Matthew Taylor and bluntly said: “You people deserve to be persecuted! To advance our cause (of same-sex “marriage”), you need to be persecuted. The homosexual lobby needs to be more radical to further our cause. That’s why you should be persecuted.”
Mr. Taylor said: “Can I quote you on that?” The woman responded, “Yes.”

This comment is very telling and made us wonder if persecution is part of the ‘moral revolution’ discussed by homosexual activist Paul Varnell who wrote in the Chicago Free Press: “The gay movement, whether we acknowledge it or not, is not a civil rights movement, not even a sexual liberation movement, but a moral revolution aimed at changing people’s view of homosexuality.”

For the homosexual movement, it appears that the end justifies the means, even if those means include the persecution of peaceful Americans who stand up for their Catholic faith and affirm the truth regarding marriage.

Thank you for your prayers. Keep them coming.

From the inbox:

I would love to print some copies of your Ten Reasons Why Homosexual “Marriage” is Harmful and Must be Opposed” document. Would it be possible to get this in a pdf or word doc file so I can share it with my friends? We saw your vigil yesterday in Carmel and were truly inspired. We honked our horns and waived with wild enthusiasm.

God Bless

B. S.
Carmel, CA

Dear Brothers,

I commend you and will pray deeply for you. California is tough and so are you because of the protection of the Saints and Jesus.

I demonstrated against the Da Vinci Code by myself at one the most liberal area movie theaters here in Austin. BYW Austin is second only to San Francisco in homosexual population. Filthy obscenities and screaming were my lot, which brought me to the point of tears for Jesus sake and I offered them to him as reparation. I was so shocked that people would treat me this way as a peaceful demonstrator.

I knew I was protected. Many Christians stopped to tell me I was a hero and that my mother would be proud of me. I hope and pray that some people of faith will pass by and encourage you. I encourage you. Be strong in Christ!

— Susan P.


Let me know if you’re ever in the Santa Paula, California area. I know that many Thomas Aquinas College students would love to come out and help your efforts. God bless you and thank you for what you are doing.

James L.

Dear Brothers,

I am so impressed by your devotion to God’s will and your respectful witness to friend and foe alike. May I offer a suggestion which you may already know about? One of my great encouragements is the passage in Ephesians 6 which begins with the statement that “our struggle is not against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers, etc.” This makes it so much easier to hate the sin and love the sinner, even if you have that famous Irish temperament!

To the point: during times of verbal and physical abuse and irrational behavior such as you describe, have any of you tried (in Christ’s presence, of course) a heartfelt Prayer to St. Michael or similarly invoking the Blood of Jesus or placing all present at the foot of the Cross? This has always yielded remarkable results for me, usually instantly…

Recently a peaceful pray-er outside the Planned Barrenhood HQ in New Haven was almost run over by a large truck which came roaring across the sidewalk at her. Thanks be to God, she threw herself out of the way at the last second. We knew the attack was “planned” because the truck had its license plate covered.

You folks are so inspiring to more people than you will know in this world. You can do all things in Christ who strengthens you; and “greater is He who is in you than he that is in the world!”

In Jesus and Mary,

Marie, a rosary rally captain from CT

Dear Student TFPers,

I really admire what you guys are doing. Keep up the good work. When do you go to Los Angeles? I would like to support you. Otherwise, if I don’t see you in action, I will continue to pray for you. May God bless you.

Vincent T

Greetings, friends,

I will continue to pray for you. I’m so joyous that you’re standing up for what’s right. May God encourage you, and may He grant you fruitful conversations! When are you coming to Los Angeles?!

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