Scenes from a Campaign Against Socialist Healthcare

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Scenes from a Campaign Against Socialist HealthcareOn the morning of February 28, thirteen TFP Student Action volunteers piled into a van, ready and willing to defend the rights of the Catholic Church.

Their mission: to visit dozens of locations, in three states, to publicly and vocally decry the socialist Obamacare system, and its brutal attack on morality and true freedom. Their thirteen-foot banner sums it up well: “God’s Law comes first. Repeal socialist Obamacare!”

The response on the part of the public has been overwhelmingly positive. “Honk to free America from Obamacare” signs were very well-received and elicited thousands of supporting honks. They are campaigning and distributing hundreds of TFP flyers, titled “Confronting Religious Persecution in America.”

Below are links to the reports on the campaign.

Challenging the Left at the University of Michigan

Catholics Fight Obamacare Persecution in Toledo
Campaign against the Obama/HHS Mandate Held in the Snow
Impressive Public Opposition to Obamacare in Cincinnati
Fighting Anti-Christian Obamacare in Ohio

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