Rosary Rally at Atlanta Reflects Situation of the Nation

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The June 5 Rosary Rally in Atlanta, Georgia, was a beautiful reminder that Our Lady was watching over the volunteers engaged in the Mercy on America campaign this summer. The campaign is a special project of the American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP). TFP friends and volunteers will be praying at all fifty state capitals and other places of significance.

Rosary Rally at Atlanta Reflects Situation of the NationAs the volunteers arrived at the State Capitol Building with protesters in its shadows, dark, ominous clouds surrounded them. The clouds burst into heavy showers causing everyone around (protesters included) to scurry for cars and cover.

Please Help Us Blanket America with Rosaries
with a Tank of Gas!

For thirty minutes, the heavens poured down. Afterward, everything was much cleaner and fresher in preparation for the Rosary. The TFP event soon caught the attention of everyone. Several people gathered on the other side of the street to take pictures and ask questions about the purpose of the prayers. A local pastor/protest leader gave the effort a thumbs up, saying, “God bless you all and keep praying for the nation!”

Rosary Rally at Atlanta Reflects Situation of the Nation
Most of those in passing cars gave the thumbs up and other signs of approval. The reaction of the public around the capitols was also very positive. Passersby expressed gratitude or maintained a respectful silence.

Warning! A Virus Threatens America’s Future and Christian Civilization

After the Rosary, volunteers offered Saint Michael medals to the Capitol Police and National Guard soldiers at a park nearby. All were delighted to receive them and even asked for extras. May Saint Michael watch over them while they serve the nation during these troubled times. May God watch over the nation and return it to order soon.


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