Protest in Ukraine Against Russia Return

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As a sovereign nation, Ukraine had been negotiating to reach accord favoring closer relations with the European Union.

Despite the negative aspects that this rapprochement could bring, its positive effects would far outweigh the former, as it would free Ukraine from the oppressive grip of Russia and guarantee the country’s independence.

However, the current Ukrainian president, Viktor Yanukovych, had been acting all along as a docile instrument of Russian leader Vladimir Putin. For Putin, who recently chose to don the trappings of defender of Christianity, there was never any doubt: he wants to rebuild the bankrupt USSR’s oppressive grandeur. And Ukraine is the “crown jewel” of this new USSR.

With typical KGB skill and manipulating a pro-Russian president and congressmen, the all-powerful master of Russia was able to veto the agreement that would allow Ukraine to draw closer to the European Union and distance Ukrainians from Russian oppression.

However, the Ukrainian people are proving determined and idealistic.

They remember the millions of their ancestors massacred in the nefarious Soviet Union as well as the systematic lies of KGB propaganda. They realize what’s behind the diplomatic game for their nation: slavery, loss of independence, and humiliations of all kinds.

The European Union has accused Russia of blocking the agreement to maintain its dominance over the former Soviet republics.

The European Commission president, José Manuel Barroso, said he will reject Russia’s vetoes. And Herman Van Rompuy, President of the European Council, has stated: “The time for courage and determination has come. We must not give up in the face of external pressures, even from Russia.” Others have compared Putin to Brezhnev and Stalin.

However, inertia and capitulation to the Russian aggressor is all that can be expected from these EU leaders. And the press has recognized that “in the battle for Kiev, Putin slams Europe.”1

The Ukrainian people realized they were alone. But they did not give up and have courageously taken to the streets of major cities to repudiate the maneuver by Moscow and its minions.

Furthermore, they are also calling for the resignation of the puppet government of President Viktor Yanukovych. After hundreds of thousands of Ukrainians surrounded the main government buildings in Kiev, Yanukovich reacted just as other Soviet puppets used to do in bygone decades. He verbally promised to resume negotiations with the EU.

But the Ukrainian people did not fall for the ploy. On Sunday, December 8, a March of Millions literally flooded downtown Kiev demanding an end to their country’s bondage to the dictator in Christian trappings, Vladimir Putin. That same day, highlighting the anti-Soviet and anticommunist character of that huge patriotic demonstration, the Ukrainian people overthrew and smashed a large statue of Lenin that dominated a boulevard in Kiev.

What will be the Russian fox’s next move?

We can only show the Ukrainian people our support and admiration for defending their homeland against the Russian onslaught to restore the old anti-Christian empire.

Much like the protests in Ukraine, Armenia greeted Putin with demonstrations carrying banners proclaiming “Putin, go home” and “No to the USSR.”

Armenians reject plans to include their small country in the South Caucasus in a ‘free trade area’ under the leadership of Moscow.


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