April 14, 2009 – Protecting Traditional Marriage in Nashua

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April 14, 2009

Early today, as we stepped into Norton’s Café for breakfast, the locals sipping their morning coffee looked curious to know what nine young men were doing in town so early, dressed in suit and tie. After we proudly said grace – something you hardly see anymore – their curiosity only increased. “Who are you?” asked one of the older men. His question gave TFP volunteers a chance to put in a good word for traditional moral values even before the campaign had started in downtown Nashua.

Standing on Library Hill

Library Hill is a prominent intersection in Nashua where a large granite monument stands honoring significant battles in American history. We stood in the shadow of this tall landmark displaying our banners for God’s marriage. Today, the battle would be one of ideas, but no less significant than past struggles because the preservation of traditional marriage is at the core of a battle for America’s soul. There is a cultural battle being waged between good and evil, truth and error, God’s marriage and the homosexual movement’s attempt to force same-sex “marriage” on society.

This battle vividly played out before our eyes as people streamed by our demonstration.

“Thank you for doing this. It’s about time that I see real men,” said one resident from his vehicle visibly please with the TFP presence. “Same-sex ‘marriage’ is harmful because it will attract the wrath of God.”

Very happy with the campaign, a younger man in his late teens made it a point to tell us: “I’m behind you 100%!”

But not all passersby were thrilled. A man sitting in the passenger’s side of a utility van pulled up near the curb and repeated insult after insult riddled with gutter profanity, which I prefer not to even mention. Not worth the ink. TFP volunteers simply responded: “Insults aren’t arguments. When you have a good argument, we will talk with you.” He rolled up his window without offering any argument.

The TFP campaign created a splash and the local newspaper published a front-page story about it.

Here’s a link to the article: http://www.nashuatelegraph.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20090415/NEWS01/304159911

Fortified by Holy Communion

At noon, we made our way to a nearby Catholic church and were fortunate to receive Our Lord in the Blessed Sacrament at noon Mass. Fortified spiritually, we were now ready for a full afternoon of campaigning. On the Church steps, local Catholics introduced themselves to us after Mass and kindly provided us with refreshments. “Where are you staying tonight?” asked one of the ladies. Since our travels from place to place are fast-passed, that was a difficult question to answer. We frankly did know where we would be staying the night. “If you need a place to stay, come to my house,” she graciously said. “I’ll give you the house to use.”

The Manchester Rush Hour

New Hampshire Mall is a fairly busy place in Manchester and the intersection at Willow Street and Goff Falls Road offered high exposure and plenty of vehicular traffic.

Holding large “HONK for traditional marriage” signs attracted loads of positive feedback, so much so, that a worker from Valvoline oil charge on the corner approached, saying: “You’re going to need to **** away from this corner. All the **** honking is driving customers away.” His vulgar request was not convincing. So I politely informed the man that we had no intention of moving away and encouraged him to call to police if he so desired. He walked away cursing. The police never came of course. But not everyone at Valvoline agreed with the pro-homosexual worker because one mechanic was seen using a customer’s car in the shop to honk in favor of traditional marriage.

Another observation: Virtually every lawn care truck that passed through the intersection honked with gusto in support of traditional marriage. It’s entirely predictable.

Channel 9 aired the TFP campaign on a 6:00 PM news broadcast and replayed the footage throughout the evening, expanding the reach of the campaign.

Pro-homosexual Stalkers Harass TFP Volunteers

As we wrapped up after an exhausting yet very successful day, four individuals dressed in black raced across the parking lot towards the intersection where we had been standing. Not finding us there, they burst into the nearest office building, a used car dealership, asking where we had gone. To our dismay, the salesman pointed to our van. Seconds later our van was surrounded by the four sinister individuals in black. Their garish hairstyles defied any sense of decorum. Imagine bright purple hair and you have a mental picture of what they looked like. Honestly, I could not tell if they were male or female. They carried a sign caked with fresh red paint which they slapped on our windshield, smearing wet red paint on our van window. The sign was vulgar and I will not repeat was it said.

I was on the phone with a reporter when this happened but quickly realized these individuals wanted to damage our property (van) and perhaps harm us physically, if they could. “Get off the phone and leave,” I told myself. Then my TFP colleague, Mr. Benjamin Hiegert, calmly reached out and removed the pro-homosexual sign that was slapped onto our windshield, clearing our view. Although the sign was removed, red paint remained smeared on a portion of the windshield.

We drove away, but the harassment continued. ”We’re being followed,” observed TFP member Charles Sulzen (also our bagpiper) from the back of the van. In fact, the individuals in black also drove a black car. They tailgated closely behind our van, cutting off other vehicles on the road, breaking traffic laws in the process. If someone deliberately opposes God’s law, why would they respect traffic laws?

After making a series of traffic maneuvers and u-turns, the pro-homosexual advocates were still following us, flaunting their lustful behavior while waving a rainbow flag outside the window of the their car. Moments later, a second pro-homosexual car joined the first and it soon became clear that we were being stalked.

We invoked the Saints and decided to drive to the nearest police station. About one block shy of our destination the pro-homosexual advocates realized where they were being led and veered off in another direction. The police officer on duty received a detailed description of the incident and put out a search for the vehicles.

May Saint Joseph continue to protect us from the snares of the devil as we travel for traditional marriage. Please keep us in your prayers. Thank you.
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