Zillow Corrupts Families with LGBT Commercial

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Zillow Home Loans is showing a commercial that depicts a same-sex couple buying a house together. This commercial promotes and normalizes the homosexual lifestyle for thousands of people who see it on TV.

I certainly don’t want to see this, much less do I want innocent children to see it!

Sign Now to Demand that Zillow Cancel its Immoral Commercial!

In the commercial, the two men are sitting on a couch next to each other after they bought the house. One is giving the other a handmade gift and explained how it took three weeks to make the gift but only took three minutes to save on the home loan.

Promoting the vice of homosexuality is always wrong, especially when children may see that promotion. It is sickening to think that children’s minds will be exposed to this.

Sign Now! Don’t Let Zillow Normalize this Unnatural Vice.

If we allow this to go unchallenged, the homosexual agenda will continue to enter our daily lives as something normal. This should never be allowed to happen.


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To: Richard N. Barton, CEO of Zillow Home Loans,

Your commercial for home loans depicting two homosexuals is unacceptable since it contributes to the normalizing of the homosexual lifestyle.

This video will likely expose young children to this unnatural vice.

Because it seeks to normalize the homosexual agenda, I demand that you terminate the commercial immediately and apologize.