Tell Target to Stop Promoting lgbt “pride” to Children!

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Target is infamous for actively promoting unnatural sin to its customers. But now, the retail giant has taken things to a new low…

At this very moment, Target is flagrantly promoting homosexuality to children!

Tell Target to Stop Corrupting Innocent Children

With so-called “Pride Month” already in full swing, Target has found the need to force the homosexual agenda upon customers nationwide!

Immoral “pride” displays have been erected in Target stores nationwide… in plain sight for young, impressionable children to see! How sick!

In fact, many of the items specifically target young children. Such products include:

  • ‘Always Proud’ Baby Bibs
  • A book for 4-year-olds titled, “Bye Bye, Binary: Nobody puts a baby in a pink or blue corner!”
  • Another children’s book, titled “Julian Is a Mermaid.”
  • A girls’ t-shirt that reads, “Rebel Girls Celebrate Pride.”
  • And many, many more!

Tell Target to Stop Confusing Children!

Right now, Target is in a vulnerable position. Countless boycotters have put so much pressure that the company has already backtracked a little by removing some overtly Satanic items from its stores.

You see, protests work, but we still have a ways to go. Now, we need to increase our efforts. We need to make sure Target stops promoting all of these immoral children’s products!

That’s why I’m asking you to sign this petition and hold Target accountable for this outrage!

Sign Now to Stop This Outrage!


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To: Brian Cornell, CEO of Target

I am appalled that your company promotes immoral “Pride” products for young, impressionable children!

Children are the most innocent of God’s creation. This innocence should be protected, not attacked!

I demand that you immediately pull these items from your shelves!