Tell Hershey to Stop Promoting Perverted transgender Ideology

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The Hershey Company recently came out with an advertisement that promotes transgender ideology.

Tell Hershey’s to STOP Promoting Transgender Ideology

In celebration of International Women’s Day, Hershey’s launched a campaign reintroducing the Hershey’s SHE bar. The campaign’s advertisement features a biological male, Fae Johnstone, who poses as a “transgender woman.”

“We can create a world where everyone is able to live in public space as their honest and authentic selves,” stated Johnstone.

Hershey’s brand manager Katie DeCapria stated, “We are excited to reintroduce the Hershey’s SHE bars in new, meaningful ways as part of Hershey’s larger commitment to supporting women and girls this Women’s History Month and every month.”

STOP the Spread of Transgender Ideology 

This is disgusting and should be taken down.

Before it is too late, please sign this petition asking Hershey’s to remove this immoral ad immediately. Don’t hesitate! We are counting on you!

Tell Hershey to just stick with chocolate!

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To: Michele Buck, CEO of The Hershey Company

I am shocked at your company’s recent advertisement that promotes transgender ideology.

This content promotes unnatural vice and immoral lifestyles.

I demand you take down the ad immediately and apologize.