Tell Hallmark to Stop Offending Our Lord This Christmas!

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Christmas is the feast day on which Catholics commemorate the sublime birth of Our Lord in Bethlehem.

However, it seems like the Hallmark Channel is adulterating the holy day by promoting homosexuality in a Christmas movie!

Tell Hallmark to Stop Offending Our Lord This Christmas!

When the channel released its Countdown to Christmas movie lineup, it featured a film titled The Holiday Sitter. Here is the film’s description:

“Sam is a workaholic bachelor who babysits his niece and nephew before the holidays when his sister and her husband have to go out of town. Completely out of his element, he recruits help from their handsome neighbor Jason and finds himself in an unexpected romance.”

This is unacceptable, especially considering that Hallmark films are often watched by the whole family!

Tell Hallmark: Stop Perverting Children on Christmas!

Jonathan Bennett, who plays the leading character Sam, had this to say:

“It means so many things, not just to me but to so many people to be in The Holiday Sitter, which is the first LGBTQ+-led rom-com for Hallmark Channel at Christmas.”

However, he didn’t stop there. He also exposed the channel’s goal behind the film:

“…as a queer filmmaker, Hallmark Channel has created a safe place for queer artists to tell their stories, and as an artist, I don’t think there is any better gift you can get than a safe place to do your art.”

Thus, Hallmark has joined forces with other woke companies to promote unnatural sin to viewers of all ages!

Defend Christ This Christmas! Sign Against This Offensive Film!

As Christians, we must uphold God’s law wherever and whenever it is attacked. We cannot stand by and watch when such assaults are launched against Him.

Please, I urge you to sign now and demand that Hallmark stop airing this movie immediately!

I Will Sign Against This Perverse Christmas Film!

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To: Wonya Lucas, CEO of Hallmark Media

I am utterly appalled that your company has released a ‘Christmas’ film featuring a homosexual romance!

Christmas is a time to commemorate the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ.

However, your company seems to have opted to mock his teachings instead. I find this extremely offensive and reproachable!

In addition, the fact that this film will be shown to countless impressionable children only makes this movie that much worse.

I demand that you stop showing this film immediately!