Tell Etsy to Stop Selling This Blasphemous Crucifix NOW!

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I realize that lately, I’ve been sending you a lot of protests against horrendous blasphemies against Jesus.

However, I just came across a blasphemy that I believe is one of the worst yet!

Right now, a blasphemous crucifix depicting Our Lord bungee jumping is for sale on Etsy!

Tell Etsy to Stop Selling Blasphemous Crucifixes NOW!

This blasphemy is one of the most brazen ones I’ve seen yet!

Just to give you an idea, the item is called a “BunJesus – Bungee Jumping Jesus.”

“Are you religious with a sense of humor? Is your personal Jesus a fun loving Jesus? Are you tired of other religions having fun idols while yours is sad and a bit macabre? Or… Are you an atheist looking for a good way to come out to your friends and family but don’t know where to start… Well look no more! Just take the leap of faith, hang this on your wall and watch the miracles happen!” (Emphasis added)

This disrespect to Jesus Christ cannot be tolerated!

NO to Blasphemy! Tell Etsy to Stop Selling Parody Crucifix!

The seller continues:

The corpus (which is the technical and creepy term for the effigy of the crucified Jesus) measures 5 ½” tall x 4 ¾” wide….”

He also claims that he “baptized” each of the crucifixes with wood stain and clear coat! How sick!

However, perhaps the most disturbing example of the seller’s cynicism is the following quote he made:

“In the shipped package I also enclose a gold “INRI” plaque and several little nails! The plaque is not adhered to the cross, therefore it is not a true “crucifix.” (See how I am narrowly skirting “damnation” there?”

How Can Etsy Allow This! I Will Demand They Immediately Remove This!

However, this is not the only blasphemy Etsy is selling!

The same seller is also marketing a “JesuSlingShot,” which is just as bad as the “BunJesus Crucifix!” It is a slingshot that irreverently used the corpus of a crucifix as its handle!

Mainstream marketplaces like Etsy should not be selling such offensive and blasphemous products! Please, sign the following petition, and demand their removal!


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To: Josh Silverman, CEO of Etsy

I am offended by the blasphemous “BunJesus Crucifix” and “JesuSlingShot” items available for sale on your site.

The seller of these blasphemies has explicitely outlined his irreverence towards Christianity in the products’ descriptions. The fact that you are allowing such anti-Christian products on your site is shocking!

As a Catholic, I demand that you immediately remove these products from your website!