Tell Disney to Stop Selling ‘Pride Collection’ Baby Clothes!


Disney doesn’t know when to stop.

In the past, the supposedly ‘family friendly’ entertainment company has promoted innumerable offensive products targeting both adults and children.

However, now infants are the latest victims of Disney’s perverse agenda!

Sign Here! Tell Disney to Stop Selling ‘Pride Collection’ Baby Clothes!

This most recent attack on children is especially disgusting!

This year, Disney announced its new “Pride Collection.” The online shop includes shirts, pins, backpacks and other souvenirs that feature the LGBT flag, transgender flag, bisexual flag, and lesbian flags alongside classic Disney icons. All proceeds made from selling these items are donated to pro-homosexual associations.

Even worse, the company is selling rainbow-colored plush toys of Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters; products that obviously target very young children.

Taking a principled, not personal stand.

However, it gets much, much worse!

Don’t Let Disney Continue Perverting Our Children! Sign Now!

Arguably the most horrendous product in Disney’s “Pride Collection” shop is a bodysuit for babies that flagrantly features a rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse icon overlaid with the word “LOVE.” The garment’s smallest size targets infants from 0 to 3 months old!

The product’s description reads, “Mickey’s classic pose is pictured in vibrant rainbow hues… With the word “Love” emblazoned across the front, your baby will wear it with pride!”

It is bad enough that Disney has been grooming our youth for years. However, by pushing gender ideology on newborn babies, this generation of children will grow up in surroundings that portray sin as entirely normal. The results of this will be catastrophic…

Don’t Let Our Babies Be Corrupted! Sign Now, and Tell Disney to Stop IMMEDIATELY!

Before it is too late, please sign this petition, and force Disney to revoke this most vicious effort that targets the most innocent of God’s creation! Don’t hesitate! We are counting on you!

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To: Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney

I am appalled by your company’s “Pride Collection” products, especially those that target infants and young children!

Your company is encouraging children to accept sin before they have reached the age of reason! This is unacceptable!

As your products target them at an incredibly young age, they will grow up thinking that the sinful lifestyles surrounding them are acceptable and normal.

Because of this, I demand that you remove these products from your website at once, as they harm people of all ages, especially our young, impressionable children.