Tell Disney To Stop Pushing homosexual Role Models On Our Children!

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Disney is again attacking the innocence of our children!

Tell Disney STOP Corrupting Innocent Children!

Disney is set to release a new animated film titled Strange World. This film is reproachable because one of its main characters is an openly homosexual teenager!

How sick!

Taking a principled not a personal stand.

At France’s Annecy International Animation Film Festival, one scene highlighting homosexuality was shown. One attendee, Matthieu Saghezchi, describes it as follows:

The scene describes the son being very shy in front of his boy crush, and his dad comes in and says “so nice to meet you! My son talks about you all the time and further embarrasses his son….” [Emphasis added]

We Cannot Let Our Children Be Exposed to Homosexuality! Sign Now!

One of the voice actors, Jake Gyllenhaal, had this to say:

“The idea of having, you know, a queer kid and just it being normalized, which I think is just such a beautiful thing.” [Emphasis added]

We must remember that the sin of homosexuality is not normal, and should not be presented to our kids as such! If we don’t act, the corruption of countless impressionable children is guaranteed!

Protest Disney for Promoting the Corruption of Innocent Children!

The show openly promotes homosexuality as normal to young children, who quickly imitate what they see in movies. This movie is immoral and must not be shown to anyone, especially children.

Please sign, and make sure this movie gets what it deserves: canceled!

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To: Bob Chapek, CEO of Disney

I am disgusted that you are allowing your company to release the movie ‘Strange World!’

The fact that this show normalizes homosexual sin is disturbing. Even worse, however, is that this series will be seen by thousands of impressionable children!

This is outrageous!

I demand that you immediately cancel this offensive movie!