Tell Disney To Stop Promoting homosexuality in Children’s Show

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Disney is again attacking the innocence of our children; 2 year olds! When will it STOP?

Tell Disney to STOP Corrupting Our Innocent Children!

Disney recently released a new cartoon series called Firebuds. In the show, one of the main characters has two moms.

How sick!

Taking a principled not a personal stand.

Craig Gerber, the creator of the show, tweeted, “After I sold the #firebuds pitch, my 1st detailed show overview included Violet’s 2 moms. Disney gave us 100% full support from day one. Thrilled to be making an inclusive show that reflects the diverse world we live in w/folks who care as much as I do.”

The show airs on Disney Junior, which targets children from two to seven years of age. 

Protest Disney for Corrupting the Innocence of Our Children!

The show openly promotes homosexuality. It exposes our children to unnatural vice and an immoral lifestyle. This series must not be shown to anyone, especially children.

Please take a stand and fight for the innocence of our children.

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To: Robert Iger, CEO of Disney

I am shocked at your company’s new show Firebuds.

It recently came out with an episode that promotes unnatural vice and immoral lifestyles.

I demand you cancel the show, take it down and apologize.