Tell Children’s Show to Stop Promoting Gender Ideology

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Tell children's show to stop promoting gender ideologyOnce again, our children are being attacked.

A children’s cartoon, Rubble & Crew, has recently introduced a non-binary character into the series whose target audience is pre-kindergarteners.

Tell Rubble & Crew to STOP Corrupting Our Innocent Children!

In the episode “The Crew Builds an Observatory,” the character River appears as a non-binary character wearing purple, pink, blue and white to represent the transgender flag.

How sick!

This is so perverted, especially given the show’s target audience, pre-kindergarteners.

Protest Rubble & Crew for Corrupting the Innocence of Our Children!

The writer of the show, Lindz Amer, is an LGBTQ activist and has a Youtube channel called “Queer Kid Stuff.”

“I wanted to write a nonbinary character that was aspirational and incredibly cool, someone for the pups (and kids at home) to look up to. They found an awesome non-binary actor to voice River and I’m so so happy about how it turned out,” stated the writer.

Sign Your Protest Against the Perversion of Pre-kindergarteners!

The show openly promotes gender ideology. It exposes our children to unnatural vice and an immoral lifestyle. This series must not be shown to anyone, especially children.

Please take a stand and fight for the innocence of our children.

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To: Max Rangel, CEO of Spin Master Entertainment, Producer of Rubble & Crew

I am shocked at your company’s new show Rubble & Crew.

It recently came out with an episode that promotes unnatural vice and immoral lifestyles.

I demand you cancel the show, take it down and apologize.