Tell Amazon to Cancel “LGBT Pride” Blasphemy Against Jesus Christ!

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Pride month is full of perverse marketing.

However, one particular product being sold on Amazon is arguably the worst of them all…

Right now, they are selling a blasphemous “Rainbow Jesus Christ” t-shirt!

Please tell Amazon to stop mocking the Catholic Faith!

The details are appalling!

The t-shirt features an outline of the face of Our Lord Jesus Christ crowned with thorns. However, his most sacred face is replaced by the infamous LGBT rainbow flag!

But to make matters even worse, beneath the image are the words, “Ah, men,” implying that Our Lord was a homosexual!

This is absolutely disgusting!

Tell Amazon to Remove This Blasphemy ASAP!

This is what the sellers have to say about the blasphemous words on the shirt:

“Ah Men is a funny clever Pun design design to show Love for Christ and support for the Gay Culture. Gay Flag Rainbow Colored Jesus Christ is Perfect to wear to any march, parade, same-sex party or festival.” [Emphasis added]

The seller continues:

“BUY this custom design NOW if you are truly proud of who you are. Stand up against hate, prejudice and stereotyping. Show Love and pride for LGBTQIA movement.”

However, the sellers don’t seem to care too much about hatred against Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith, which they openly mock and blaspheme!

Tell Amazon: Stop Promoting Anti-Catholic Hate!

Amazon also sells sweatshirt and tank top versions of this shirt.

This is nothing short of anti-Catholic hate! We must make our voices heard and demand Amazon remove this product immediately!

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To: Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon

I am appalled that your company is selling a product that brazenly blasphemes Jesus Christ!

The item I am referring to is the “Rainbow Jesus Christ LGBT Lesbian Gay Pride Parade Catholic Premium T-Shirt.” This product is nothing short of an insult to Catholics across the world!

I demand that you immediately remove this highly offensive product from your website immediately!