Tell ABC To Stop Normalizing Abortion!

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We both know the radical pro-abortion left is desperate to continue its attacks on the unborn, especially following the Roe reversal.

Recently, another shocking television program is taking part in this liberal onslaught. Now, the Disney-owned television network, ABC, is promoting abortion and attacking the Dobbs decision in a recent episode of The Connors!

This is Appalling, and ABC Must Cancel This Series Immediately

In Episode 15 of Season 5, one of the show’s main characters, Harris, reveals she is “unexpectedly” pregnant. However, instead of blaming the pregnancy on her promiscuous behavior, the show holds the Dobbs decision responsible. In addition, the baby is referred to as a “curse,” rejecting the notion that a child is a blessing from God.

When Harris’ mother finds out, she immediately begins trying to persuade her daughter to abort the child. She said the following:

“[I]f Harris wasn’t pregnant, there’s no way she would be thinking about having a kid. Harris, I love you; I don’t think you’re prepared for this. I had to make this choice when I was your age, and I knew that I wasn’t ready, and it was a decision that I’ve never regretted. So, if you decide that that’s what’s right for you, I support that.” [Emphasis added]

This Is Unacceptable! I Must Sign and Demand This Series’ Cancellation!

Later on, the daughter, still deciding whether to kill her child or not, told her aunt, “I’m lucky I even live somewhere where I have that option….” To this, her aunt responded, “Amen.”

Of course, we both know that no one has the right to choose to kill their own child, so the fact that ABC presents abortion in such a light manner is disgusting!

Yes, Gary! I Will Sign and Demand This Series Is CANCELLED!

If we don’t take action, who knows what else will be featured in this series, which has already proven itself to promote evil ideas.

That’s why I’m asking you to sign now, and make sure this series immediately gets cancelled!

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To: Craig Erwich, President of ABC Entertainment

I am appalled that your channel aired Season 5, Episode 15 of The Connors, which attacked the Dobbs decision and portrayed abortion as a "human right."

Abortion takes the life of an innocent human child, and is not legitimate under any circumstances!

I demand that you immediately cancel this series!