Sign Now! Tell Children’s Show to Stop Promoting Homosexuality

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Netflix Promotes Homosexuality in Kids Show
Once again, our children are being attacked.

Tell Netflix to STOP Corrupting Our Innocent Children!

Netflix recently released a new episode of its series called CoComelon Lane. In the show, a boy is seen dancing in a tutu for his two “dads.”

How sick!

Taking a principled not a personal stand.

The show, which is Netflix’s most popular kids show, is rated for children of all ages.

Protest Netflix for Corrupting the Innocence of Our Children!

The show openly promotes homosexuality. It exposes our children to unnatural vice and an immoral lifestyle. This series must not be shown to anyone, especially children.

Please take a stand and fight for the innocence of our children.

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To: Ted Sarandos and Greg Peters, Co-CEOs of Netflix

I am shocked at your company’s new show CoComelon Lane.

It recently came out with an episode that promotes unnatural vice and immoral lifestyles.

I demand you cancel the show, take it down and apologize.