Sign Now! Don’t Let Redbubble Continue Perverting Our Children!

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Redbubble, a global online marketplace, allows Gay Pride Kids & Babies clothes on their website.

The online shop includes clothes that feature the LGBT flag, transgender flag, bisexual flag, and lesbian flag. The clothes also include many images and messages that promote homosexual vice, some of which are openly satanic.

Don’t Let Redbubble Continue Perverting Our Children! Sign Now!

The website allows over 154,619 items for Gay Pride Kids & Babies.

Some of these include:

  • “I’m Proud of My Gay Dad Baby One-Piece”
  • “MY moms rock Baby One-Piece”
  • “Two Mums Are Better Than One—Babies & Kids Baby One-Piece”
  • “Trans and Rainbow Flag Heart Kids T-Shirt”
  • “Rainbow Feminist Fist Kids T-Shirt”
  • “I Love My 2 Dads Baby One-Piece”
  • “Rainbow Satan Baby One-Piece”

These are only a few items on their site, all intended for 1-2 year-olds and even some as low as 0-3 months old.

Don’t Let Our Babies Be Corrupted! Sign Now, and Tell Redbubble to Stop IMMEDIATELY!

This is disgusting and must be stopped.

Before it is too late, please sign this petition, and force Redbubble to revoke this most vicious effort that targets the most innocent of God’s creation! Don’t hesitate! We are counting on you!

Please Sign, Before It’s Too Late!

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To: Michael J. Ilczynski, CEO of Redbubble

I am appalled by your company’s allowance of “Gay Pride Kids & Babies” products.

These products are encouraging children to accept sin before they have reached the age of reason! This is unacceptable!

As these products target them at an incredibly young age, they will grow up thinking that the sinful lifestyles surrounding them are acceptable and normal.

Because of this, I demand that you remove these products from your website at once, as they harm people of all ages, especially our young, impressionable children.