Sign Here to Protest Spirit Halloween’s Sacrilegious and Immoral Costumes!

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Spirit Halloween Obscene Religious Costumes
Read with Caution: Graphic Content

Spirit Halloween, a seasonal Halloween costume store, sells sacrilegious and immoral “religious costumes” that mock Our Lord, Catholic nuns and priests. This offends God and must stop immediately!

Please Sign to Protest Spirit Halloween’s Sacrilegious and Immoral Costumes!

On their online page, Spirit Halloween writes this description:

“Show off your love of all things godly with these religious costumes! These biblical-inspired looks like the Pope will make everyone take notice of you. Turn yourself into a true believer in these churchly Halloween costumes that will make you look worship ready.”

“With a familiar brown wig and beard and long white robe, you’ll be a ringer for the Redeemer. Offer blessings while dressed in a brown monk robe. Or mix things up with a Holy Hammered Drinking Book when you want to be a bit of a daredevil. Whether you’re looking for a godly Halloween costume that pegs you as one of the faithful or a group costume that shows you’re part of a saintly crowd, Spirit has you covered.”

Some examples of items for sale are:

  • “Jesus Plus Size Costume”
  • “Adult Holy Savior Costume”
  • “Adult Pope Costume”
  • “Adult Unholy Priest Costume”
  • “Adult Unholy Nun Costume”
  • “Adult Bad Habit Nun Costume”
  • “Adult Sinful Sister Costume”
  • “Adult Brown Monk Costume”
  • “Holy Hammered Drinking Book”

These costumes are sacrilegious and impure. They are unacceptable!

Spirit Halloween is one among many costume stores to sell such lewd and disrespectful merchandise. None have the right to blaspheme or sell perverted costumes attacking Our Lord or His Holy Church.

Protest this Obscenity by Telling Spirit Halloween to Stop Selling these Costumes!

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To: Steven B. Silverstein, CEO of Spirit Halloween

I am disgusted by your obscene and sacrilegious costumes distorting Our Lord Jesus Christ and priests and nuns.

This offense is intolerable!

I demand you remove all sacrilegious items that mock Our Lord Jesus Christ, priests and nuns.