New Blasphemous Movie Displays God as “Homosexual”

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New Blasphemous Movie Displays God as “Homosexual”

A new film, D–ks: The Musical, depicts an actor performing as a “homosexual God.”

Sign NOW to Demand the Immediate End of this Horrific Blasphemy!

The film, released on October 6, has actor Bowen Yang playing the role of a “homosexual God.”

The self-proclaimed homosexual actor went so far as to declare in an interview with IndieWire that he believes God had perverse relations with Lucifer.

In the interview, Bowen made irreverent answers to the questions posed to him and referred to God as a “homosexual.”

Tell Larry Charles to Take Down This Blasphemous Film Immediately!

When asked whether God was single, Bowen nauseatingly responded by saying that God has polygamous relations and that, “He likes to sort of bait and switch people and go.”

This is absolutely disgusting!

This is a direct attack on God’s holiness and purity.

Please, do not ignore this horrendous Blasphemy! Join me in demanding its immediate cancelation!

Sign Now to Put An End to This Unimaginable Blasphemy!

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To: Larry Charles, Producer of the film “D--ks: The Musical”,

I am shocked by the film you are producing, D--ks: The Musical, which blasphemes God our creator.

This film, which depicts a homosexual God, is absolutely unacceptable!

Due to the blasphemous character of this film, I demand that you cancel this production immediately and apologize.