Largest Children’s Book Company Releases Pride Guide to Affirm Children in Sin

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Scholastic, the largest children’s book company, came out with a “Read With Pride” resource guide.

This is an organized effort to indoctrinate innocent children with this sinful ideology.

Sign Now to Demand that Scholastic Stop Pushing the Transgender Agenda

This 2024 guide gives a list of the LGBT organizations, transgender book resources, a glossary of words that “are widely accepted amongst LGBTQIA+ people,” a book list, a list of awards given to transgender authors, and other horrible information.

“Educator, Caregiver, and Advocate Resources for Supporting LGBTQIA+ Youth and Books.” Such is the description for the “Read with Pride guide”. It is rated for children as young as four years old.

This guide states, “Books and literature are never neutral; By engaging with queer literature for children and young adults, you are disrupting the status quo that implies being cisgender, heterosexual, and allosexual are the default.”

In other words, they are seeking to normalize the homosexual lifestyle.

Sign Today! Stop Scholastic from Perverting the Youth

As Doug Mainwaring pointed out in his article, at the core of this ideological push lies the roots of Marxism.

One of the main characteristics of Marxism is class struggle. All throughout the guide is the idea that LGBT youth are denigrated, and that there needs to be more inclusion and affirmation. It declares that the reason for depression and suicide amongst this group of people is because there is not enough inclusion.

They completely ignore the true reason for such reactions; which is because homosexuality and transgenderism are unnatural, sinful and shameful.

Children who are experiencing such problems do not need to be affirmed in their errors. They need to be shown the truth.

Tell Scholastic to Stop Leading Children into Sinful Lifestyles

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To: Peter Warwick, CEO of Scholastic,

Your Read with Pride guide for supporting LGBT children is unacceptable.

Children should not be taught this degeneracy.

Because this guide exposes children to sinful lifestyles, I demand that you remove it immediately and apologize.