Homosexual Activist is Scheduled to Give a Talk to Middle School

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On May 22, homosexual activist Maulik Pancholy was slated to speak at Mountain View Middle School in the Cumberland Valley School District.

After concerns were raised about the event, the school board voted unanimously to cancel it. However, a few vocal residents opposed the move. The school board met a second time and voted to reverse the cancellation.

Innocent children SHOULD NOT be exposed to the homosexual lifestyle! Sign Here

If Pancholy is allowed to speak to these children, their innocence will be in danger, and it normalizes the unnatural homosexual lifestyle.

Pancholy is an actor and author, and is in a same-sex “marriage.” He is known to speak on inclusion and diversity, attempting to normalize homosexuality.

Bud Shaffner, a member of the school board who brought up his concerns about Pancholy, said, “If you research this individual, he labels himself as an activist. He is proud of his lifestyle, and I don’t think that should be imposed upon our students—at any age.” according to PENNLIVE Patriot-News.

Sign Now to Protect These Childrens’ Innocence

One of Pancholy’s books is titled The Best at It. This book has already been removed from many school districts for its blatant promotion of the homosexual agenda.

Another board member of the school district said, “Why would we invite someone who considers themself a political activist to come and talk to our children at our school? Get politics out of our schools.”

Sign Now to Stop the Corruption of Children’s Innocence

This is not the first school where Pancholy has spoken. He uses a very emotionally charged topic, bullying, to push forward the LGBT agenda on children.

An article from The National Era highlights his strategy to speak at schools, offering “insights from his children’s books featuring gay characters confronting bullying.”

Jonathan James, the author of the article, seems to understand that Pancholy’s technique advances the homosexual agenda with children. He said, “The board’s reversal reflects a broader push for diversity and inclusion in educational settings.” (Emphasis added)

Sign Now to Save Children from the Homosexual Agenda

We are involved in a battle for the future and must defend the innocence of our children.

Please ask the Cumberland Valley School District NOT to allow Pancholy to speak at their schools.

Our children are depending on you.

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To: Greg Rausch, President of the board of the Cumberland Valley School District,

I regret to hear that you have reversed your decision to cancel the talk of Maulik Pancholy.

Pancholy’s openly homosexual lifestyle and activism do not deserve a platform in our schools as it will normalize the homosexual lifestyle and unnatural sin.  

I firmly ask that you return to your previous decision NOT to allow Pancholy to speak at Mountain View Middle School and apologize to the parents who have a firm desire to keep their children pure.