“Hail Satan” Does Not Belong on Baby Clothes

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I need your help.

What Etsy is selling for babies is absolutely despicable.

Etsy.com is a peer-to-peer e-commerce website that focuses on handmade and vintage items and other unique products.

However, this company is allowing openly Satanic clothing to be sold for babies.

Demand that Etsy Remove Satanic Baby Clothes from its Website

I cannot imagine babies wearing something so horrifying like this.

Can you?

Here is a list of some of the items:

“B is for Baphomet Baby Onesies®” With an image of Baphomet,

“Baphomet Baby Bodysuit” Which says “GODLESS HEATHEN.”

“Hail Satan Unicorn Infant Bodysuit,”

“Cute As Hell Onesie” with the head of Baphomet,

“Satan’s Little Helper Infant Bodysuit.”

Tell Etsy to Pull Satanic Baby Clothes Today

I didn’t imagine there could be Satanic baby clothes, but unfortunately, it is a reality today.

It is very sad to think that some parents would buy these products for their children.

Please sign this petition to demand that Etsy remove these products today.

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To: Josh Silverman, CEO of Etsy,

It is shocking to see Satanic baby clothes for sale on your platform.

Satan was the first rebel and is a figure to be shunned. These products do the opposite.

I demand that you remove these products from your website!