Festival of Trees Hosts Satanic Christmas Tree

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Festival of Trees Hosts Satanic Christmas Tree

This Christmas, thousands of families will be celebrating the birth of Our Lord Jesus Christ with gratitude, joy, and prayer.

At the annual Festival of Trees event at the National Railroad Museum in Wisconsin, different groups in the state have an opportunity to sponsor a tree.

Unfortunately, the Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity sponsored a tree that has ornaments that promote the homosexual lifestyle.

However, it gets worse!

Another group that set up a tree was The Satanic Temple of Wisconsin.

 Sign Now to Keep Christmas Holy!

For most people, under the tree is where the Christmas presents belong, however for The Satanic Temple, that is where they put Satan’s symbol, a snake.

Their tree is “decorated” with Satanic symbols such as pentagrams, ornaments that say “HAIL SATAN”, and other demonic symbols.

Unsurprisingly, The Satanic Temple also unites itself with the homosexual movement. Some of their other ornaments include homosexual and transgender symbols.

Protest Festival to Protect Christmas!

In direct contrast to the infinite purity of the Infant Jesus on Christmas, the Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity’s tree promotes the sin of sodomy, a sin that “cries out to heaven for vengeance”.

According to Newsbusters, “Their tree is decked out with ornaments that say things like ‘protect trans kids.’”

Sign Now! Protect the Day Our Savior was Born!

Christmas is a holy day that represents purity, redemption, and Divine love.

Don’t be like the indifferent people who stood by and watched Our Lord’s Passion, and did nothing. Sign Now!

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To: Jacqueline Frank, CEO of National Railroad Museum, and Liz Van Pay, Events Coordinator,

I am shocked at your acceptance of these two groups that contradict the spirit of Christmas.

Christmas is a day to remember the great gift of Christ coming to redeem us.

 For this reason, I demand that you ban the participation of The Satanic Temple and the Bay Area Council on Gender Diversity from your event immediately and apologize.