Blasphemous Holy Week Poster Mocks Our Lord

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Blasphemous Holy Week Poster Mocks Our Lord
In the place that traditionally honors the time of Our Lord’s Passion with great piety, a disgraceful blasphemy has appeared.

Seville’s internationally recognized artist Salustiano Garcia Cruz made a poster for the famous Holy Week processions that depicted what he calls ‘Jesus.’ This was allowed by the General Council of Brotherhoods, which oversees Holy Week in Seville.

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For centuries, during Holy Week, Spain has had impressive processions throughout their medieval cities, depicting various scenes of Our Lord’s Passion. Many who go are moved to tears by their beauty.

Some describe Jesus in this poster as “handsome” or “pretty.”

It depicts a young man wearing only a loincloth, and close to no signs of the suffering Our Lord underwent in His Passion.

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In an article on The Western Journal the poster “show[ed] a fresh-faced Jesus without a crown of thorns, no suffering face and minuscule wounds on the hands and ribcage.”

“Many called it a disgrace, inappropriate, too pretty, modernist and out of line with Seville’s Easter tradition,” continued the article.

Some people even said that the person in the poster looks homosexual.

Sign Now to Stop this Outrage!

This poster is a mockery of Our Lord’s Passion, Death and Resurrection, and is an outrage.

Please don’t be indifferent about this, because it offends God.

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To: The General Council of Brotherhoods,

I am shocked that you allowed this poster to be used to promote this year’s annual Holy Week in Seville.

This poster, which depicts Our Lord Jesus Christ, is truly offensive.

Due to the blasphemous character of this poster, I demand that you remove it immediately and apologize.