Amazon Features 91 Blasphemous Products on “Blasphemy” Page!

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Amazon has become infamous for promoting products offensive to Jesus Christ and Catholics around the world.

But things have gotten worse. Now, Amazon has featured a “blasphemy” page on its website. This page makes no mention of Mohammed or Buddha. Instead, it exclusively attacks Our Lord Jesus Christ and the Catholic faith.

Sign Now Against This Unthinkable Attack on Jesus Christ and His Church

This page is not accidental. On Amazon, the page’s title reads, “Blasphemy! The Best Religious Novelty Items.”

On her own blog, the page’s organizer Laura Sweet dubbed the collection “More Jesus Novelty Gifts Sure To Send Me To Hell.”

And this is not just a single blasphemy. On this single Amazon page, there are ninety-one highly irreverent products for sale.

NO to Blasphemy! Sign here and make a difference!

The products available on this page make me sick to my stomach.

Here are a few of them:

  • “Inappropriate Coloring Books Sarcastic Jesus: Cuss Word Jesus Lets You Know What He Really Thinks,”
  • Santa VS Jesus The Epic Party Adult Card Game,
  • A “Teazus” Tea Infuser,
  • “The Grilled Cheesus Sandwich Press,”
  • “Nun Bowling,” where the user knocks over 10 small nun figurines for fun,
  • and many, many more!

These are appalling!

Yes, I Will Sign Against These Horrendous Blasphemies!

As Christians, it is our duty to rise up and oppose these insults to all that is sacred!

Please, I urge you:

SIGN NOW Against This Outrageous Blasphemy!

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To: Andy Jassy, CEO of Amazon

I am appalled that you have allowed the ‘If It’s Hip It’s Here’ shop to feature a blasphemy collection on your website!

The products being sold on it are extremely offensive to Catholics around the world. These products are nothing less than anti-Catholic bigotry.

I demand that you immediately remove this page from your site and stop selling these blasphemous products!