Act NOW! Your Local Walmart Targets Your Kids!

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Your local Walmart is targeting our children right now!

You see, the retail giant is doing everything possible to force the homosexual agenda on its customers, including the little ones! Its website features a “Pride and joy” page that sells LGBT children’s toys!

  • Enough Is Enough! I Will Join the Fight and Demand Walmart Stop Promoting Gender Ideology!

The items Walmart is selling are scandalous!

Here are a few of them:

  • Two lesbian Bratz dolls, one of which is holding a sign that reads “Queer & unapologetic;”
  • children’s books such as “Pride 1 2 3” and “Rainbow: A First Book of Pride;”
  • many other books explicitly portraying the homosexual lifestyle;
  • LittlePeople figurines of drag queens;
  • Disney pride edition plush toys that include a rainbow-colored Mickey Mouse;
  • small figurines of famous real-life and fictional homosexuals;
  • countless pieces of clothing with LGBT insignia;
  • and much, much more! How sick!

However, what is even more scandalous is that a household name like Walmart can get away with selling such products!

Yes, Gary! I Will Hold Walmart Accountable, and Demand Walmart Take These Products off the Market!

Walmart makes no secret of their intentions. Reading the following quote from Walmart’s “PRIDE” Co-Chair made me sick!

“I’ve held a leadership role in our associate resource group, Walmart PRIDE, since it was founded 11 years ago. PRIDE stands for Promoting Respect, Inclusion, Diversity and Equity and is an associate resource group for all associates (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and straight allies) that aims to make Walmart the most diverse, inclusive company it can be….” [Emphasis added]

He concluded with this:

“I’m proud of what my company, and now my country, is doing to encourage others to respect the rights of LGBT individuals.”

As you can see, Walmart is not passively promoting the LGBT agenda. Instead, it is actively trying to normalize unnatural vice!

I Cannot Let That Happen! Walmart Must Be Forced to Stop the Spread of Gender Ideology!

If we don’t take action, Walmart will continue to corrupt the minds of countless children and adults alike! Even toddlers won’t be spared!

That’s why I’m asking you to sign now, and make sure that Walmart immediately stops selling these horrendous products!

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To: Doug McMillon, CEO of Walmart

I am appalled that your company Walmart is promoting homosexuality to customers, including young children!

Remove the many “Pride” products available at your stores and on your site now! Instead of advocating for a culture of virtue, your company is promoting sinful lifestyles. And worse of all, you are normalizing unnatural vice for young, impressionable children!

I demand that you immediately stop selling these items and begin standing up for moral values!