Over One Hundred Thousand Appeal to Pope Francis: Save the Family!

Saint Peter's Basilica Over One Hundred Thousand Appeal to Pope Francis: Save the Family
Spring Grove, March 5.— The American Society for the Defense of Tradition, Family and Property (TFP), working together with like-minded groups throughout the world, has launched a worldwide filial petition to Pope Francis to safeguard the family. This petition, which already has over 125,000 signatures,  will be presented before the  upcoming world Synod on the Family set for this October in the Vatican.

The effort to defend the family comes in face of the confusion caused by statements regarding homosexuality and Communion for the divorced and remarried at last October’s Synod.  It is hoped that the petition will express the concerns of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of Cathollics who oppose attempts to change the Church’s unchangeable doctrine regarding these matters.

That is why well over 125,000 people from around the world have already signed this petition. Nearly 200 dignitaries from all over the world have signed, ranging from an exiled African king to cardinals and bishops to conservative leaders. American signers include former Senator Rick Sanctorum, Congressman Tim Huelskamp(R-KS), pro-life leader Joseph M. Scheidler and Raymond Cardinal Burke among others.

“Your Holiness,” the petition reads, “in light of the information published on the last Synod, we note with anguish that, for millions of faithful Catholics, the beacon seems to have dimmed in face of the onslaught of lifestyles spread by anti-Christian lobbies.”

The petition continues:  “In fact, we see widespread confusion arising from the possibility that a breach has opened within the Church that would accept adultery — by permitting divorced and then civilly remarried Catholics to receive Holy Communion — and would virtually accept even homosexual unions when such practices are categorically condemned as being contrary to Divine and natural law.”

The petition is directed toward Pope Francis asking that “a word from Your Holiness is the only way to clarify the growing confusion amongst the faithful.  It would prevent the very teaching of Jesus Christ from being watered down and would dispel the darkness looming over our children’s future should that beacon no longer light their way.

“People all over America are signing the petition,” says American TFP director Robert Ritchie. “They are concerned and want to be heard.”

Sign the petition by clicking here.

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