Once Abortion Is Accepted, What Logical Arguments Can Be Used to Stop Infanticide, Euthanasia and Other Forms of Murder? – 1993

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Once Abortion Is Accepted, What Logical Arguments Can Be Used to Stop Infanticide, Euthanasia and Other Forms of Murder? - 1993

Logic has often been lacking in our contemporaries. Nevertheless, logic tells us that besides the murder carried out in the act of abortion there are other consequences. Not only is the mother affected for life, so is her family.

Abortion creates conditions in the human mentality to relativize the crimes that come after it. Today we see the crime of infanticide growing. Children even kill their parents. It is clear that if abortion leads to the loss of the notion of good and evil, eventually any crime will be excusable to such a mentality. Doesn’t he who accepts abortion lose his sense of good and evil?

Let’s consider euthanasia. It is an infamous crime. Analyze it well. It results from the same mentality that produced abortion.

Saint Thomas Aquinas, the Angelic Doctor, says the principle of contradiction is the axiom that truth and falsity are never inherent in the same thing simultaneously in the same sense. Whoever loses the notion of the contradiction between good and evil is susceptible to any evil. This is the most devastating consequence of abortion, which is itself a crime that cries out to God and heaven for vengeance. When abortionists commit that crime, they are responsible for the development of a mentality which leads to many other crimes.

Let us consider a further reflection regarding euthanasia.

If one accepts abortion which kills a human being before birth, why not accept killing at the end of life? Often a poor economic situation is alleged as the justification for an abortion. If elderly parents burden their children economically, why not eliminate them too? It would be logical to do so.

When the economic factor takes precedence over good and evil (so frequent in our times where money rules supreme in the actions of many), people can be led to crime, directly or indirectly. Picture a Christmas supper, with parents, children and grandparents enjoying a delicious turkey dinner. At a certain moment a little girl asks her mother, “Mommy, why didn’t we go to spend Christmas at the mountains this year? The Joneses went, why didn’t we?” Her father answers, “It’s very simple. The Joneses’ grandmother died last year and their expenses went down, so they had the money to go.” Couldn’t the little girl be tempted to hope that her grandmother will die? When material considerations become the determining factors of behavior, they generate a process of hardening the heart that ends up in euthanasia and abortion.

The abortionists want to convince us that we are in disarray by having us believe that legally we can do nothing. They are resorting to revolutionary psychological warfare: Destroy your enemy’s will to resist and he is yours.

They underestimate our will to resist.

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In World War Two, when Germany occupied France, the French resistance sprung up and saved thousands from Nazi cruelty. Imagine how many more would have died if the French had allowed themselves to be overcome by defeatism and had not organized the Resistance. Psychological warfare is a factor in every battle. The Resistance’s fire of soul spurred on countless others. We will only know how many on the day of the Last Judgment. Imagine if the unprepared British, caught by surprise, had given in at the war’s onset when they were the targets of devastating and sinister bombardments. Every citizen became a factor in the fight, encouraging his fellow man by his example and good deeds. United they changed the course of history and won the war.

We pro-lifers must do the same. We shall avoid the snares of defeatism the anti-lifers lay for us … and more. We will expand our fight against the mentality they create. We will show them that there is much to do and that the number of Americans with noble souls is immense.

We will rally our people by reminding them that they are right. By providing good arguments, we shall energize them, stirring up their hope, and restoring their faith in victory.

In the days of chivalry, before being dubbed, the future knight spent his vigil of arms praying and reflecting, readying himself to consecrate his entire life to defend the good. It was in prayer and reflection that he prepared to fight.

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These reflections have the same noble purpose: to prepare us to fight rightfully. They are our modest contribution to the magnificent apostolate that dedicated pro-lifers and pro-life organizations have been carrying on these many years. Reflections we hope may help us confront the great challenge that lies ahead.

Our answer to the abortionists and to the soft pro-lifers in 1993?

Cross our arms? Never!

Expand our fight? Always!

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