Oct 20 – Miami, Florida

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Oct 20 - Miami, Florida

After breakfast we went to the Diario Las Americas for an extensive interview about the TFP campaign for traditional marriage. The Spanish newspaper circulates widely among Cuban-American exiles and other Spanish speaking families in Miami and we were given the opportunity to explain the urgent need to protect the Sacrament of marriage from the homosexual movement’s attempt to redefine and undermine it.

The scars inflicted by Communism run deep in Miami where countless Cubans live in exile. The journalists who interviewed us had both escaped from Cuba and they told us their stories. One managed to escape by pretending to be mad, thus convincing Communist authorities he was unfit to serve in the military. He was placed in a madhouse at age 14 and not even his own mother knew that he was, in fact, mentally stable and completely sane. Acting crazy for six years made it much easier for him to escape and finally reach America.

Both reporters questioned whether Communism has any influence in the United States given the fall of the Berlin Wall, which led to an interesting discussion on the Cultural Revolution, egalitarianism and the errors of Russia mentioned by Our Lady of Fatima and the metamorphoses of Communism today.

Campaign near Florida International University
By the time we reached Florida International University there weren’t many students on campus, so we moved to a busy intersection nearby and set up our banners, the American flag, and the TFP standard. It was extremely windy. The banner acted like a sail and nearly swept those who were holding it off their feet. Wow, did people honk here! I lost count; almost one honk every other second. There were moments when I literally had to scream to make myself heard by other TFP volunteers standing two feet away from me. That’s how loud all those honks were, not to mention all the thumbs up we received. Negative responses were few. A woman came out briefly with a small sign that read: “Honk if you love equal rights.” The writing on the sign was so faint, it was difficult to read and the woman holding it, with every passing minute, seemed to sink further into the shrubs on the corner where she stood, discouraged by the symphony of honks for traditional marriage as God wills it.

A rather strange thing occurred while we drove through the campus of Florida International University. As we paused to confer notes with our lead vehicle, an older man with white hair driving behind us, got out of his van and rudely interrupted our conversation: “It looks like you’re lost. If you want, I can tell you how to get back to Pennsylvania,” he said. He obviously saw our Pennsylvania plates. Besides the 6 x 10 American flag we use on campaign, neatly folded on the dash, nothing indicated what we were there planning to do. However, something about the TFP members’ presence disturbed him and he ranted about our coming to Florida to promote the “conservative agenda.” Sure enough, he was in favor of abortion and same-sex “marriage.” His agitation was surreal.

The contradiction of “Equal Rights”
I can’t resist a word on “equal rights.” Rights are the recognition of a good: the right to life, the right to the fruits of one’s labor, the right to private ownership, the right to constitute a family and so on. Now, how can something intrinsically evil be considered a right and placed on par with a good? Since when has sodomy, a moral evil, become a right? Since when has evil behavior qualified as a right?

Mr. James Bascom offered fliers to the stopped traffic at the light. When he approached a beat up truck, the driver screamed out. Since he was yelling in Spanish, Mr. Bascom did not understand what he was saying, and wasn’t sure if the man wanted a flier or not. As soon as he reached the truck door and got a good look at the driver, however, it became clear. Again, the man repeated something in Spanish and in a menacing tone, lifted a hand gun off his lap, the muzzle pointing in Mr. Bascom’s direction, and motioned that he get away. Point made gangster style.

Thank you very much for your support and especially for your prayers. All of the TFP volunteers send you their best regards and prayers.

Saint Joseph, pray for us!

Our readers write:
It is uplifting to consider this campaign for traditional marriage. Every issue touching one Sacrament moves God, engages eternity and therefore becomes substance for history. You have been writing one of the most heroic pages of American history. May Our Lady be your custody.
— Nelson F.

I’ve been following your progress. You young men are doing an outstanding job and I’m very proud to know that you are part of our Catholic family. I’ll keep you in my prayers.
God bless you and keep you from harm,
— Gina B.

Thank you so much for what you are doing. I will lift you in prayer (especially my daily rosary) that your mission throughout California will be protected and for the grace of the Holy Spirit to open the eyes of those souls who are in darkness. It’s a shame that some CATHOLICS just don’t get it!
— Veronica B.

I love what you guys do. I love the blogsite too. Your volunteers are my heroes. You MUST tell them that for me please.

I did adoration online at www.savior.org a day ago and got the idea to do a public fast. So, hundreds if not more, are doing a fast on October 8 [for traditional marriage]. Would you be so kind as to please announce our fast on your web or blog? The more [who pray and fast] the better for our nation and for marriage. Right now on my table is a statue of Our Lady of Fatima with a candle burning all day for her feast and for the success of traditional marriage.

Thanks for sending your troops to LA and all of CA to help witness for marriage and for Christ. I was so inspired. I was so impressed. God reward you for your great works of witness.
— Frances, San Francisco, CA

How to Support the Caravan
If you want to help protect the institution of marriage, the family and future of America, please consider filling our van’s gas tank with fuel and keep us on the road for traditional marriage. So far we’ve traveled 8,142 miles for God’s marriage.

Sponsor 1 tank of gas, 330 miles, for $107.00
Sponsor 2 tanks of gas, 660 miles, for 214.00
Sponsor 3 tanks of gas, 990 miles, for $321.00
Or even 5 tanks of gas, 1650 miles, for $535.00

If you would like to make your contribution by mail, please send a check payable to TFP Student Action and mail it to:

TFP Student Action,
1358 Jefferson Rd.
Spring Grove, PA 17362.

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