NO! to Dogma on Video

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The anti-blasphemy fight continues as the TFP launches a huge protest against Sony’s Columbia Tristar Home Video for producing and distributing the blasphemous movie Dogma on video and DVD.

Dogma portrays a supposed descendant of Holy Mary and St. Joseph working in an abortion clinic! It mocks everything Catholics hold sacred – God, the Church, the Mass, Mary’s virginity and more. And it blithely exhibits what Catholics condemn – murder, obscenity nudity violence, profanity, drunkenness, and rebellion!

TFP is spearheading the protest by asking people to send two protest postcards, one to Dogma producing studio, Columbia Tristar Home Video, and the other to Sony Pictures Entertainment, its parent company. Postcards tell producers that they “will be responsible for spreading blasphemy to homes all across America and for advancing a culture in which the Catholic faith is wrongly ridiculed and scorned.”