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Dutch Catholics Brace for “Future Without Churches” After Abandoning Evangelization: Vatican Radio
Vice-President of U.S. Bishops’ Overseas Charity is a homosexual in Same-Sex “Marriage,” Group Reports
UN Secretary General to Visit Vatican to Discuss Climate Change
Smell of the Sheep: Catholic Journalist Antonio Socci Criticized Pope Francis for his Cold Reception of the Husband and Daughter of Asia Bibi
Pressure Grows on Marines to Consider Lowering Combat Standards for Women
Catholic Relief Services Vice-President is in a homosexual “Marriage”, Promotes homosexual Agenda
Totally Cool Nuns get High-Five From Totally Cool Vatican
Archbishop Cordileone Under Attack – Will Pope Francis Support him After Letting the LCWR run Amok?
Muslims Converting to Christianity After ISIS Atrocities
Supreme Court: Obama Admin Can’t Make Religious Groups Obey Pro-Abortion HHS Mandate
U.S. Military “Hostile” to Christians Under Obama; Morale, Retention Devastated
Italians Revolt Against Migrant “Invasion”
How do you say “Tea Party” in Portuguese?
Clinton Campaign Chaos
L.A., Houston Nuke Contractors Indicted for Smuggling $24M in Missile Tech to Iran
Oh the Nuns on the Bus go Round and Round
Connecticut Defeats Bill to Legalize Assisted Suicide for the Third Year in a row
Hope, Peace, and Solidarity in New Obama-Francis Cuba
Terror Group With Cuban Ties Kills 10 the day After U.S. Removes Cuba from State Terror List
Marco Rubio: Baptist, Mass-Going, homosexual “Wedding”-Attending Catholic
Leadership Conference of Women Religious: The Heterodox Sisters Won – but With an Expiration Date in Sight
Another Surprise Call From the Pope: Journalist in Argentina Stunned
The Democrats Just Gave the Most Chilling Reply When Asked if They Support Aborting 7-Pound Babies
People Don’t Believe China’s Growth Figures, and the Truth About the Economy Could be far Worse
In Mao-like Move, Xi Recruits 10 Million Internet Youth “Warriors”, Rattles Hong Kong
Pontifical Low Mass and Sobering Words From Cardinal Burke
Reformer of the Clergy Pope Francis Fails his First Real Test
Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki, President of the Polish Episcopal Conference on the Divorced and Remarried and Spiritual Communion
Cardinal Sarah Laments the “True Scandal” of “Confusion Between Good and Evil…Made by Catholic Pastors”
Brazil Petrobras Scandal: Workers’ Party Treasurer Vaccari Steps Down
Cardinal Brandmüller: Advocates for Changing Catholic Teaching on Marriage are “Heretics” – Even if They are Bishops
Helder Câmara: A Lifetime of Working Against the Church From the Inside. — And They Want to Beatify him?…
ISIS Camp a few Miles From Texas, Mexican Authorities Confirm
Why Cuba Was, and Must Remain, on State Terror List
Defense Department: The Bible, Constitution and Declaration of Independence all Perpetuate Sexism
Obama Administration: Catholic School Upholding Marriage is “sex Discrimination”
Activists Unite to Turn Illegal Immigrants Into Democratic Voters
Castro: What President Obama has Just Said, it’s Practically the Same as we Feel”
China’s Aggressive new Censorship Weapon can Cripple Your Website
Call her Madame Ka-Ching
Filipino Bishops Restate Church Stance Against Divorce
Pope Tells U.S. and Cuban Leaders That Shaking Hands Isn’t Enough
Historical Truth and the Crusades
The U.S. is Upset After a Russian Fighter jet Aggressively Intercepted an American Reconnaissance Flight
“#WhyI’mnotvotingforHillary” Hashtag Tops Twitter
Report: Vatican Declines to Approve French Ambassador’s Nomination Over homosexuality
Cardinal Danneels (Family “Expert” Chosen by Francis) Tried to Convince King Baudouin to Sign Abortion law
Christendom is Dying of Selfish Cowardice
Moscow Essentially Annexes South Ossetia one Year After Taking Crimea
Obama-Bloomberg gun Control Agenda Worries Democrats Heading Into 2016
Four Times the Church has Held her Ground on Communion for the Divorced and Remarried
Italian Media Sensationalize Priests’ Scandals
Hypocrisy Alert: After Scolding Catholic Church Over old Abuse Claims, Rampant sex Abuse and Cover-Ups Revealed Among United Nations “Peacekeepers”
Ukraine Lawmakers ban “Communist and Nazi Propaganda”
Stress of Divorce can “Triple Risk” of Children Getting Diabetes
Five Hundred lay People Echo Priests’ Plea to Stand Firm on Communion for the Remarried
Children as Young as 3 Referred to NHS for Transgender Treatments
White House Comments Banning homosexal Therapy Draw Mixed Reaction
Jeb Bush: Pope Francis Republican
Obama’s “Historic” Iran Deal Falls Apart, as Mullahs rev up High-Speed Centrifuges
Pope Francis out With his First hit Single
NYT Writer: Christians “Must be Made” to Embrace homosexual Lifestyle

IRS Loses big Procedural Battle in War With Tea Party
Memories Pizza Will Re-Open Today
California Government is the big Water Management Problem
NJ Catholic Bishop Won’t say if he Agrees With Church Teaching on homosexuality, Marriage
Anti-Kasper Book Receives Church in Poland’s Official Endorsement
France Appoints Openly homosexual man as Ambassador to Vatican City
From “Civil Rights” to Cultural Totalitarianism
Obamacare Enrollment Appears to Have hit the Wall
Christian man Gets Denied Service by THIRTEEN homosexual Bakeries After Requesting Pro-Traditional Marriage Cake
On Marriage: Never Give Give in. Never, Never, Never…
Bishops Call for “Mutual Respect” in “Necessary Dialogue” on RFRA
Cardinal Parolin’s New World Based on Contempt for Powerful
Record 56,131,000 Women Not in Labor Force; Women’s Labor Force Participation Matches 27-Year low
Bishops’ Bad Behavior: Cardinal O’Malley and Bishop Bootkoski