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NHS Horror: Aborted Babies Incinerated as “Clinical Waste” in UK—Some Used to Heat Hospitals


The Catholic Roots of Obama’s Activism


Medicine Without Mercy


The New Apologists for Vladimir Putin — On the Right and the Left


Obama Totes Muslim Brotherhood Baggage on his Saudi Trip


Shroud, a Documentary Raises the Opposition to the Tests C14


Religion and Voters in 2012


U.S. Set to Restage Greek Tragedy


A Comeback for Limited Government Conservatism


Obama Lost Ground With Young Voters


Shangai’s Courageous Bishop Gives Inspiring Testimony of Faith


California’s Liberal Supermajority


California’s Liberal Supermajority


Mourning in America – Here’s Those Layoffs we Voted for Last Night


UK Catholics Might Lose Charitable Status for Not Offering Communion to Everyone


Chief Justice Roy Moore Back on the Scene


University Withdraws Theologian’s Invitation After Pressure From Financial Contributors


Spain’s Highest Court: homosexual “Marriage” is Constitutional


Obama Debt Exceeds all U.S. Debt, 1776-2000


Pope, U.S. Bishops Congratulate Obama on Re-Election


Exit Polling Data Suggest Breakdown of the Family Favors the Rise of Liberal Politics


Culture Wars: Mixed Results for Abortion, Marriage and Marijuana Ballot Measures


The GOP’s Horrible California Nightmare


Francois Hollande Lurches Right in Historic U-Turn to Save French Economy


French Socialists in Retreat as Religious Leaders, Conservatives Rally Against homosexual “Marriage”


Anger as UK homosexualists Declare Edinburgh Cardinal “Bigot of the Year”


What has Same-Sex “Marriage” Done for Canada?


Christian Rights Group Asks U.N. to Investigate Discrimination in Germany


Nicaragua Sandinistas Widen Local Control With Poll Wins


French Left Hits Back at Church Over Same-Sex “Marriage”


Vatican Slams J.K. Rowling’s The Casual Vacancy


Navy Test-Fires Missiles From Robot Boats


U.S. Election: America Goes Liberal With homosexual “Marriage,” Abortion and Cannabis Votes


Die, Die, DIY! Enough of the Self-Service


Catholic Company Wins Injunction Against HHS Birth Control Mandate


French Catholic Church Says homosexual “Marriage” for few, to be Imposed on all


New Pro-Marriage Television ads Feature Victims of Bullying by homosexual Activists


Obama Admin “Blackmails” Developing Countries Into Adopting “Sexual Anarchy”


Sandy’s Self-Congratulators


German Catholic Bishops Invited to Join in Celebrating 500th anniversary of Reformation


Medicare Rationing Under Obamacare has Started Already


How the Phrase “Chinese-Style” Became Code for Everything That’s Wrong With the Country


Leaked Emails Expose Obama’s Crony Green Capitalism


Sen. Graham: Obama Move on Defense Layoff Notices “Patently Illegal”


Why homosexual “Marriage” Signals the End of Heterosexual Rights


UN Agencies ask Brazilian President to Criminalize “homophobia”


Don’t Cry for Me, François


Blue Planet: What if the World Could Vote in the U.S. Election?


China’s Ruling Communist Party Cracks Down on Pigeons


Catholic Bishop: Joe Biden “Ought Not to Be Receiving Communion”


Black Pastors: Pro-homosexual-“Marriage” Ad “Manipulating the Black Community”


Same-Sex “Marriage” Support Plummets in Maryland


Federal Judge Grants Preliminary Injunction Halting Enforcement of the HHS Mandate Against Michigan Corporation and Its Owner


Sandy is not a Good Argument for big Government


Polyamory: The Next Civil “Rights” Movement?


British Schoolgirls Given Contraceptive Implants Without Parents’ Knowledge


Pilgrims of the New Millennium; A Revealing Survey


Poll Finds More Teens Identify as Conservative


Obama’s Layoff Bomb


Sandy Cuts Wide Swath of Damage: Image of Our Lady Survives Destruction


German Bishops Align With homosexual Media to Eliminate Catholic Site


Mgr. Gmur’s Appeal at the Synod: “Church Needs to Find Solution for Remarried Divorcees”


Peru University in Vatican Battle Over Right to Call Itself Catholic


America’s Capsizing Naval Policy


60 Percent say Government Rules Without Consent


Who is the Real Extremist on Abortion?


Survey Exposes French Anxieties Over Islam


Why Climate Change Has Become the Missing Issue in the Presidential Campaign


The Great Chinese Stampede: Hot Money Leaving the Country


French Plan to Legalise homosexual “Marriage” Hits Opposition and Delays


Texas Wins Huge Victory Over Planned Parenthood


Chick-fil-A Thrives Despite homosexual “Rights” Issue


Clinton Asked for More Security in Benghazi, Obama Said No


Lone Star State v. the UN


Green Bay Bishop to Catholics: Vote Pro-Life, Or Your Soul is in Jeopardy


Traditional Values Pay: Chick-fil-A Makes Record-Breaking Profits After Marriage Controversy


Shocking Obama “Voting=Sex” ad Copies one From Vladimir Putin